“Our eyes are not viewers, they’re projectors, running a second story over the image… and fear is writing that script…”

Jim Carey really nailed it in his inspirational message. And sure, it’s not ‘news’. This video was first shared in 2014. Yet, many people still don’t really get it. So I say let’s keep sharing it!

We all have our own version of the truth, because we all look through our own viewer/projector, with our own fears or egos writing the narrative.

Trying to make another person see exactly what you see is completely futile. They cannot hear you over the sheer volume of their own fear-driven narrative. And just like our fingerprints, no two fear narratives are identical.

We all seek validation and approval for different things, on different levels and in different ways. Thank God. Because we ARE different. Just like people, truth comes in all languages, shapes and colours.

So why do we deem “our truth” better or more right than the next gals?

It’s a little like why we don’t care about the disasters that happen far, far away… it’s called the “could’ve been me factor”. If it feels very close to home – it becomes very relevant and very important to us. We can apply that same principle to the concept of our truth.

If we agree on certain rules of the game, certain values that are the “right” ones – then we have created a common baseline. And when people don’t operate within those, we feel unsafe, threatened or completely baffled…

Sure, for many of us they will follow similar lines.  We all have the same basic human needs. And we all fear those things being taken away from us. But the voices in our heads are clever, and the narratives too complex.

Rather than trying to impose your version of the truth on somebody else in a bid to gain approval, acceptance, or whatever else you are seeking. Perhaps instead, we could seek to understand ourselves better instead.

Much like how the narrative in our head is based on our fears – consider that our need for others to see the world as we do is also, at least partly, based in fear.

The fear of being alone…. (dun, dun, DUN)

When we start to look at the world as Jim Carey describes in his inspirational message, then the idea of us being alone starts to fade a little. Carey talks about how we are all connected, and are all part of the same universe. And whether you consider yourself to be spiritual or not, it’s a fairly simple truth, and an easy concept to grasp.

All it takes is a little perspective shift. But from you – not from somebody else!

So rather that hoping others will shift to see things your way – your ‘truth’ – you could simply take a step back, look at the big picture, and recognize our differences in perspective for what they really are.

We are all looking at the same world, but each through our individual lenses.

We are together, but not the same. And that’s okay.

Helene Philipsen is a Life Transformation Specialist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She works with women worldwide who are passionate about nourishing their body, mind and soul - but struggling to find the right path. Helene’s expertise personally and professionally lies within life transformation, her core specialty being Freedom from Emotional Eating. Her educational background is in psychology, Recovery and Life Coaching. She has committed her life to helping others because she wants you to know, that living lovingly and confidently inside a healthy body – is possible for anyone