Tell me about your dreams. The big ones. Your hopes and inspirational intentions for your future.

What do you want?

A bigger house? A better car? A healthier relationship? What about a job, or career, that doesn’t bring that Monday morning feeling along for the ride?

Do you want to take more vacations to far flung climes? Do you want to marvel at the great pyramids of Egypt? Walk the Inca Trail? Climb a mountain? Swim with dolphins?

Do you want a million dollars in the bank?

What if your goals are different to that?

What if you’re in business and want to be in demand as an expert in your field?

What if you want to be in a position where you no longer have to worry about where the next dollar is coming from?

What about standing on that hallowed ground where new clients come to you, where you have a waiting list and all your events and workshops are oversubscribed?

Would that be good?

What kind of difference would that make to your life and business?

Does it feel like a pipe dream? Something that feels like a nice idea but will probably never happen?

If that’s what’s going on, sweetpea, you need to switch your thinking, and you need to do it yesterday.

Sat navs are not effective at getting you anywhere you want to end up if you haven’t programmed in a destination. The same is absolutely true for your life.

Ambition and belief are absolutely at the heart of programming your personal sat nav for greatness. If you don’t believe in yourself enough to plug in a wonderful enough destination, you will never reach it.

If you are conditioning yourself to believe that all those beautiful things you’re imagining in your ideal future are just pipe dreams, the sat nav of your unconscious mind will automatically aim for a lesser destination.

I’m keeping it short and sweet for you this week. I don’t need to spend endless paragraphs waxing lyrical to ram this message home. It’s quite simple: where do you want to end up?
If you want your future to include driving a Ferrari, don’t programme your sat nav for a Ford Fiesta.

If you want to travel the globe, don’t programme your mind’s sat nav for a week in a tent in your back garden.

If you want a million dollars, you need to smash through your limiting beliefs and quit believing that you’ll always be scrabbling down the side of your battered old sofa for those few cents that fell out of your pocket when you were watching re-runs of Jerry Springer.

Aim high, beautiful people. You are all capable of far more, but you’re unlikely to tap into the true power of your potential if you believe all those wondrous future scenarios are nothing but pipe dreams.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford
Until next time,