The aftereffects of the War on Drugs has caused such a horrible divide in the Urban communities across America. These communities have been flooded with drugs like cocaine and heroin from South America during the 80’s and 90’s. Today we will speak in the spotlight with Donnie Anderson, Organizer and Chairman of the California Minority Alliance / California Growers Association. The organization is demanding a legal resolve to the disproportionate suffering on the Black community through to social economic justice  being included in the laws surrounding Cannabis in Los Angeles.

From imprisonment to murder, loss of loved ones to addiction and of course the loss of property and wealth – block by block – as the challenges of having drugs dropped in has overrun and in some cases destroyed the Black community.

LA Miracle Cure will have a worldly discussion to understand more on how the billion dollar cannabis industry will be taking a stand for social justice and those that were impacted. What will this look like and why is it necessary now? Join us every weekend Saturday/Sunday 10am pst/1pm est and also catch another edition of our special series at 7pm pst/10pm est on The California Legalization of Cannabis.

As Chairman of the California Minority Alliance, Donnie Anderson, brings a wealth of executive experience by leading market sectors within urban music, film/television and new media entertainment mediums for over 25 years.

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