It was America’s good fortune to have really far seeing intelligent men rise to the occasion and form a government of Confederation, one that soon failed, before a Constitutional government solved the inherent problems of defining what really is a ‘democracy.’ Representative government, not a democracy, was the result. 

We see the ongoing disputes today, the argument, the debate of the Electoral College and the cries to remove it at once – and go with a Popular Vote. These coastal communities of NY and CA have been heavily indoctrinated, brainwashed that they need the government – to hold their hands, to enrich the few, at the expense of the many. At that point we would be forced to rename the nation – The Un-United States of America – or maybe we name it Amerizuela.

There are those that argue for unity, but unity is a total myth really⏤it’s a fairytale – a  cover for authoritarianism. When they speak of “unity.” they mean “submission.” They don’t really want freedom, these people want to be told how to think – how to act – how to be. If America should foolishly accept the challenge of mediocrity and elects to take its people screaming and kicking forward into a brave New World Order of Global Unity – One Size Fits All, it can never go back, not in a thousand years!

In this special episode of Voice of a Nation, Malcolm talks about our American Story and the challenges of today. Let’s talk about that American Story, the plight we find ourselves in and the status-quo. What kind of an America do we want on the other side of this Pandemic?

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