You don't have to be a world-class economist to understand that the level of debt the country has taken on is not sustainable. You also don't need to be a world-class economist to know that this election cycle is and continues to be anything but business as usual. It does help however to be a world-class economist if you're to predict with any level of certainty – the economic future that each candidate brings to the forum.

The majority of Americans recognize that at some point the country has to do an-about-face, that there are difficult decisions to make, and that someone is going to have to make these tough choices.

Harry S. Dent Jr. joins me with his predictions on the 2016 general election. Specifically what does our economy look like over the next four years if Donald Trump becomes President? And equally how does it take shape under a Hillary Clinton Presidency It's a very candid conversation as Dent describes this 'new reality' that the nation will be faced with. Keeping it all in context, I asked Dent if there was any possibility that the new administration that moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might be able to avoid some of these major hiccups? “If a politician could come into office and say, okay I didn’t create this problem – but we have a big problem and here it is…” Dent then went further to suggest something that has never been done before in America, and as he says, it maybe risky, but the alternative is not pretty.

There are experts who study the economy – we call them Economists, and then there is Harry S. Dent Jr. The attraction with Harry is he doesn't sugarcoat everything and he doesn't tell you falsehoods or some fairytale of the truth – he will tell it to you straight. You may not always like the answer – but at least you'll know how to prepare yourself for what's coming!

Harry S. Dent Jr 

Author, Economist, Harry Dent, is author of The Demographic Cliff, how to survive and prosper during the great deflation ahead – – –  also Editor of the FREE newsletter Economy & Markets which you can get yourself by going to, and for or a FREE copy of The Demographic Cliff, Harry's newest book, follow the link below and you simply cover the S&H – the book is Harry's gift to living a more prosper-driven life.

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