You have a burning desire to live larger and more passionately; more than anyone else you know. You have dreamed of being and doing this one thing for as long as you can remember. Yet, you did what society and family told you to do, and you are still not happy. 

You wake up every day with the thoughts of knowing that you can do more with your life. How do you get from the daily grind to be the light that shines? How do you cross from one world of what looks right to being driven by passion to achieve your greatness? 

You will discover the answers to this and more on today’s ENERGY BAR as we engage in deep talk with International Attorney and Award-Winning Author Adriana Gavazzoni. She speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, she also studies Chinese and hopes someday she will master it Her favorite countries, no surprise, are Italy, France, and the USA.

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