How to explain California US House of Representative (and Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) Adam Schiff’s March 1, 2019 demand that Jeff Bezos and his highly profitable book-selling and video-selling website delete (figuratively “burn”) the testimonies and videos of the parents of vaccine-injured children and also the publications and videos that have been produced by a host of expert vaccinology scholars, intellectuals and true scientists?

Schiff’s plan (along with Big Pharma and BBC efforts in Great Britain to make speaking out about vaccine damages and deaths a hate crime [!]) would eventually lead to the criminalization of millions of honest, intelligent victims of Big Vaccine’s products who would refuse to keep silent about their provable truths. Schiff’s plan would also violate the freedom of speech clause of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Shame on him.

Isn’t it important to preserve – and not destroy – the testimony of eye-witnesses to the well-documented, preventable, iatrogenic epidemic of vaccine-induced neurological and vaccine-induced autoimmune disorders that are a large part of the rapidly-increasing incidence of chronic illness among fully-vaccinated America children?

The scholarly and clinical data that Schiff (and many others) wants to ban and burn, contain important warnings about the multitude of well-documented, preventable (and iatrogenic) vaccine-related deaths, disabilities and autoimmune disorders that have been caused by the inherently dangerous, inherently toxic, intramuscularly-injected vaccine ingredients that include the neurotoxin mercury and the neurotoxin and autoimmunity-inducing nano-particulate aluminum and the encephalopathic live viruses that are known to cause both sub-clinical and full-blown infections among close contacts.

The recently-described reality of vaccine virus shedding (and therefore infectivity) of children who have been recently vaccinated may explain the many mini-epidemics of measles in Disney World or Washington or Oregon that can occur from time to time and which are always the impetus for another round of fear-mongering media hype from the pharmaceutical and medical industries who are always pushing for state laws to implement mandatory vaccinations for public school students.

Perhaps what Public Schools and Parents of the Fully-vaccinated Should be Afraid of is NOT the Unimmunized Well-child but Rather the Child who was Recently Vaccinated (especially with the live-virus-containing MMR)

Big Pharma has always subsidized a lot of academic researchers and pays a lot of money to both the CDC and the FDA. Big Pharma has always given large campaign contributions (bribes?) to any number of (now bought-out) legislators, but it also has always spoon-fed plausible disinformation to journalists and news anchors in the form of news releases (from industry and the CDC) that talk about the benefits of vaccines without mentioning any of many negatives or any of the contraindications to being vaccinated.

I have great sympathy for the many frustrated physicians who are being forced to try to practice good medicine in clinics where there is a 10-15-minute time-limit for average office visits. That short a period of time only allows prescription-writing or the injecting of vaccines without giving the patient any chance to say yes or no to the prescribed treatment (the principle of informed consent).

As I have often told my patients: “It only takes 2 minutes to write a prescription, but it takes 20 minutes to NOT write a prescription (or to order your nurse to give an intramuscular vaccination)”.

It actually takes far more than 20 minutes to obtain a good directed history, to do some relevant teaching, to explain about the possible drug-related or vaccine-related adverse effects and then to offer non-drug options. Every patient deserves to be given all of those items.

In an era of brief office calls, there is no way to practice in accordance with the once-sacred Hippocratic Oath (first do no harm), much less give the patient the chance to refuse the riskiest and most costly (perhaps even lethal) treatment options that also happen to be the most lucrative for both the clinic and the drug or vaccine manufacturers.

Pro-over-vaccination drug reps, legislative lobbyists, internet trolls and assorted dis-information agents libelously label anti-over-vaccination activists as “anti-vaxxers” (and that includes the deserving-of-sympathy parents whose children have been killed or disabled after being vaccinated)!

Each of the groups above, in addition to the industry-paid internet trolls that libel courageous anti-over-vaccination activists/scholars are responsible for the frequent episodes of figurative “book-burnings”. Adam Schiff is one of them.

I think it can be said that book-smart lawyers, especially the ones that go into politics, can’t be expected to understand the intricacies of vaccine science. Lawyer legislators do, however often eagerly respond to lobbyists who come selling an idea for some new legislation that would help their industry become more profitable.

However, when intelligent, not-for-profit scholars who have no axe to grind (other than protecting innocent children from being sickened with dangerous pharmaceutical products that have been heavily propagandized) want to discuss said dangers with politicians who don’t want to hear unwelcome truths about his corporate sponsors, they get the cold shoulder. That is the nature of cognitive dissonance, and lawyers are no different than anybody else. (Cognitive dissonance is the psychological discomfort felt when a person is confronted with a new truth that contradicts or disproves a deeply held belief.).

Physicians, legislators, journalists, internet troll acolytes (the drug reps, the lobbyists and the trolls are beyond help) should be obligated to study all sides of important issues like vaccine-induced autoimmunity. Journalists that know nothing about important concepts like “toxic synergy”, “molecular mimicry”, epigenetics”, “gene expression”, “viral mutation”, etc. should hesitate to expound about the safety and efficacy of over-vaccinating America’s children

A link to an important article about a number of live virus vaccines (including Merck’s MMR) that are known to cause the shedding of the injected vaccine viruses for weeks or more after a person is vaccinated. That means that some of the recently vaccinated children with the live measles vaccine who are attending a public school or going to the mall or going to Disney World in California are potentially contagious and therefore at risk of causing mini-epidemics in contacts. That is a concept that the CDC, your local pediatrician and Adam Schiff are totally ignorant about, but desperately needs to be understood by everybody involved, especially for those who count themselves as being among the book-burners.

What this means, of course, is that the child that has been recently vaccinated with a live measles vaccine may be more dangerous to susceptible children than the well-child that is unvaccinated! This is a reality that will cause a lot of cognitive dissonance among the pro-over-vaccination advocates in pediatrics, at the CDC and among healthcare journalists everywhere.

One can expect that those groups will go to any expense and do whatever they can to dis-prove the science and discredit the scientists that made these discoveries. Big Pharma has thousands of bought-off pseudoscientists that work for them that would be willing to concoct a “study” that “proves” that vaccine viruses do not shed from the bodies of vaccine recipients.

The 59-page National Vaccine Information Center article contains a number of case reports that have documented the fact that vaccine virus shedding can and does occur and therefore recently vaccinated children can be contagious. Here are a couple of other items from the article:

  1. “It is now known that vaccine viruses can be serially transmitted through human hosts and may revert genetically toward wild-type transmissibility and virulence.” — Wringe A, Fine PEM, Sutter RW, Kew OM. Estimating the Extent of Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Infection. PLOS One 2008; 3(10.
  2. “Children and adults given live virus vaccines have the potential to pose a health risk to both unvaccinated and vaccinated close contacts.”

On the evening of May 10, 1933, torch-light parades of right-wing, pro-Nazi German university students burned books in 34 university cities. Tens of thousands of books, pamphlets, research documents and magazines were burned that night. These books were placed on a banned book list. Punishments were devised for anybody caught with one of the books in their possession or for listening to any non-Nazi-approved radio broadcast or for getting caught harboring a Jew or for disobeying an order in the military. There were punishments for concentration camp inmates at Dachau for certain infractions.

The published works of many prominent Jewish, liberal, leftist and anti-fascist writers ended up in the bonfires. In the plaza in front of the University of Berlin, 40,000 Berliners came to watch the book-burning. Many of those in the crowd were excited by President Hindenburg’s appointment of Hitler to the powerful position of Reich Chancellor back on January 30, 1933.

Hitler had established the new Ministry of Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment and had put in charge of the ministry the virulently anti-Semitic sociopath Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels became the hero of the violent white male supremacist, anti-Semitic movement and the “Deutschland Uber Alles” nationalists who ruthlessly dominated Germany up until Germany surrendered to the Russian military on May 2, 1945. Hitler shot himself in the mouth on April 30, 1945 while biting down on a cyanide capsule. He and Eva Braun, his long-time girlfriend were married one day before they killed themselves on the same couch on April 30, 1945. She had a revolver nearby but died by cyanide poisoning.

Burning Books, Banning Books and Black-listing Vaccine Scholars: No Difference Except for the Era and the Source

German authors whose books were destroyed during the Night of the Burning Books included several Nobel Laureates and many liberal, anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist, pro-democracy authors like Thomas Mann, Heinrich Mann, Stefan Zweig, Erich Maria Remarque, Rudolf Steiner, Franz Kafka, Bertolt Brecht, Walther Rathenau, Albert Einstein and Hugo Preuss, the scholar who had drafted the democratic Weimar Constitution. Many minor authors also had their literary works burned and banned.

These banned authors had already been threatened with expulsion from Germany and some had had death threats. They were also well-aware of the famous quote from Jewish playwright Henrich Heine who wrote: “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”

Most of the German authors whose books were burned soon tried to leave Germany – many in the dark of night, disguised, using pseudonyms and leaving their possessions behind. The ones who were not lucky enough to get out early found themselves arrested and sent to concentration camps – or worse.

Many foreign writers also had their books burned that night, including Ernest Hemingway, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, Helen Keller, Margaret Sanger, H. G. Wells, Karl Marx, Havelock Ellis, Sigmund Freud, Emile Zola, Marcel Proust, etc.

Here is what Goebbels had to say at the Berlin book-burning:

“Fellow students, German men and women! The age of extreme intellectualism (Jewish) has now ended, and the success of the German revolution has again given the German spirit the right of way…You are doing the proper thing in committing the evil spirit of the past to the flames at this late hour of the night. This is a strong, great, symbolic act, an act that is to bear witness before all the world to the fact that the November (Weimar) Republic has disappeared. From these ashes there will arise a phoenix of a new spirit…The past is lying in flames. The future will rise from the flames within our hearts…Brightened by these flames our vow shall be: The Reich, the Nation and our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler: Heil! Heil! Heil!”

Here is the link to a powerful 9 minute video of the well-coordinated Nazi student book-burnings.

On May 2, 1933, a week before the book-burnings, Hitler’s hooligans took over every trade union headquarters in Germany. They beat up, tortured, arrested and imprisoned union leaders everywhere, and they raided everything of value, including the union dues that had been stored in the offices.

So, in a matter of a week, Germany’s big business leaders and political conservatives had many of their natural enemies neutered, imprisoned or destroyed. Those enemies were naturally anti-capitalist, pro-democratic, pro-socialist, freedom-loving, deep-thinkers, social justice advocates, intellectuals, anti-fascist and pro-labor and now business could be more profitable. The German stock market was happy with the repression of the labor unions – as it would be in every country where Big Businesses exist, especially in Adam Schiff’s version of America (and that includes the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry).

Prior to May 2, 1933, labor unions had had the legal right to negotiate for better wages and better working conditions and to go on strike if necessary. Hitler’s destruction of the labor unions every German capitalist’s wet dream, and the actions by Hitler’s hooligans revealed as lies the Fuehrer’s campaign promises about being pro-worker and anti-capitalist. Later on the Nazis did the same thing to the liberal media as they did to the labor unions.

The sociopathic Hitler and his sociopathic propaganda minister Goebbels soon did the same thing to the free press that they had done to the labor unions by violently smashing the printing presses of every liberal media outlet in Germany. The pro-Nazi media outlets survived, and Big Business and the political conservatives approved.

Goebbels was a world-class agent provocateur and an inciter of confusion and violence. He qualifies as the Godfather of Propaganda. He exploited the newest technological advances, especially the radio in his use of propaganda. The Nazis subsidized cheap radios so that his propaganda machine would be available to every household. He would have loved to have had  the chance to exploit television and the internet.

Goebbels’ Propaganda ministry also had control of the German film industry, which only made two types of movies: pro-Nazi movies and romantic comedies. Listening to any radio station other than what was approved by the Nazis was a crime.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and you can fool all of the people some of the time;
but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”
Attributed to Abraham Lincoln