In 2016 the voters of the United States, shocked the world, in particular the power structures in Washington D.C., by electing a complete outsider. Americans elected him because he was a businessman, not a lifelong politician. We love the fact that he is loud and willing to fight, but mostly we elected him because he loves our way of life. We The People are also willing to fight, but we needed a leader, a foot in the door of power.

As we have now all seen, the self-righteous power structures of government, media, and big corporate America have all ganged up to challenge We The People to a fight for our very survival.

This is what is known as the deep state. In short, the deep state is any government employee who has a guaranteed job and will outlast the elected officials. The worst and most dangerous portion of the deep state is clearly the Spy Agencies. They have immense power and can and have turned this power against the American people.

Transparency in government

We The People were given the power of electing officials for the purpose of allowing us to hold them responsible to us, as their employers. They could not tell us what to do unless we specifically allocated them this power. As the nation aged, We The People have become more reliant on federal and local government bodies to take care of many of our needs. Predictably, security comes at the cost of freedom and opportunity. There is a rather obvious direct correlation between the effort people put into their work life and how much of what they earn they get to keep. Since people are the driving force behind innovation, job growth, and a flourishing economy, the less the government takes the more the people create. 

Perhaps of greater concern is, that a byproduct of this cesspool arrangement has been the ever-growing power structure of government that has taken on a life of its own. The founding fathers intended a small government that needed to be transparent and responsible to the people. This is no longer how our system of governance operates.  

Symptoms of this horrific collective government illness known as “absolute power corrupts absolutely” has now become deeply rooted in our basic everyday lives. Below are a few of the more egregious examples:  

Follow the Money 

Budget appropriations are one of two major roles of the House and Senate in the United States. To complete this job, Congress should discuss each expenditure, and authorize or decline said expenditure based on what is best for the American people. This proved to be a serious problem for Congress on several levels, with the obvious issues listed below: (Both parties)

1. If the American people were allowed transparency to see exactly what the Congress was spending their hard-earned tax dollars on, they feared We The People might come to the conclusion that all of them were non-essential businesses.

2. Kindhearted people in many states felt bad for the mentally challenged and have decided to elect them to Congress and the United States Senate. (EG: Mazie Hirono+90% of those in both houses) members of government and the poorly trained college educated morons they hired are simply unable to create a budget. 

Congress’s solution was to create massive budgets that no taxpayer could possibly understand, and not one person who works in the federal government has any idea what they are signing. This is the equivalent of you wanting to go buy a bottle of milk and being told you need to also buy a condom, three packages of depends diapers, (Hillary brand), and a lifetime membership to CNN or you cannot get your milk. 

Unions and career government jobs: Government jobs were never meant to be career choices. They were for people who wanted to be of service to the public. The idea of a government body, negotiating with our money, payments to unions, whose employees would then vote for larger government, increasing government power over the taxpayer all paid for by the taxpayer is absurd. Only a government body would even consider this as a plausible idea. Negotiation with unions has created an entire industry of government workers who are lifers. It does not matter who is elected, these DC government employees, continue to flourish and spread our taxpayer money around to whomever they want.

By service to our country, we do not refer to the kind of service AOC would provide dancing on a pole, or the services Ilhan Omar provided her brother to get him illegally into this country. Instead, we refer to the service provided to our country by Donald Trump, who by all accounts could be just another retired billionaire dating 19-year-old girls, but out of love for his country, chose to try and save this democratic republic. Not a perfect man or messenger, but our perfect messenger because he has no fear of the powers that be.

Election reviews and transparency 

The department of elections in Georgia did an audit on the election and recounted the vote in their state. But as the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. The guidelines they issued were ridiculous, like this one, they will not check signatures on ballots to see if the ballot was actually completed by the voter in question. 

The real issue here is, where does a government employee think they get the right to tell We The People what we can or cannot look at in an audit? This is moronic on its face. I wonder if a taxpayer can tell the IRS, you can audit me but only look at what I allow you to look at. This issue encompasses just how deeply rooted the cancer of government power is in all of our institutions. 

Crises Solution 

There is an old saying, one that may have just been made up, that “power needs to be ripped from the cold dead hands of those addicted to it”. My guess is, that when We The People explain to the MSM, the deep state, large tech corporations, other out of control entities, and others in positions of power, that we now wish to reclaim and revoke the power taken by them from We The People, they may have an issue agreeing to our terms. 

The best-case scenario is that President Trump prevails, the republicans capture both houses and for a change work together in tandem with We The People to fix our country. The following is a partial list of fixes that come to mind: (your input is welcome) 

  • Any person granted extreme power such as spy agency power, who turns said power on the American people shall be subject to the death penalty. 
  • All crimes committed by any person in government shall not be subject to a statute of limitations or any form of immunity. 
  • Lifetime government employees shall not have the right to vote during such time as they are working for the government. It is absurd for them to be allowed to vote for their interest over the countries interests.
  • The voting privilege should be limited to those who do not need public assistance in the year of the vote. It is equally absurd for people to be able to force others to provide them with additional assistance. We feel bad for the poor among us, and certainly, wish to assist but our freedoms dictate that we not be coerced to do so against our wishes. 
  • No person who entered the country illegally shall ever be rewarded the privilege to vote.
  • Media shall have the same first amendment rights as any other citizen. They shall not have immunity against lawsuits for any liability, intentional, or otherwise. The use of anonymous sources should require proper and complete investigation and should not be an allowed defense in a lawsuit.
  • Tech companies shall only have platform protection status if they censor NO ONE! Reporting of actual crimes can be allowed but censorship cannot (Except for posting of illegal material which directly hurt others including minors). 
  • Every new administration can fire any person in the government without cause. 
  • No government employees shall be allowed to unionize
  • There should be term limits for all elected officials. (12-years max) 
  • There should be an automatic PUBLIC audit of every member of the government, once every six years.

Sadly, common sense and government are oxymorons, the best-case scenario is unlikely to occur. The court will require “proof without investigation” to stop stealing this election. Sadly, the most likely outcome will be that We The People will permanently lose our rights to curtail government and thus our freedoms. The only real way to stop it will be using force. We should all be getting ready for the fight of our lives.