Abrogation and Islamic Deception

All that humanity knows about Muhammad’s Quran and the miracles that allegedly happened to him are the assertions by Muhammad and only Muhammad that he had encountered them. It is imperative to point out to the readers one of the most important pieces of information that not a single scholar of Islam or any of their apologists would ever bring to the attention of humanity.

There are no OTHER eyewitnesses to any and all of these events. Not a single one of Muhammad’s wives and intimate companions ever heard Muhammad talk to the angel Gabriel. There is not a single witness during 23 years of alleged revelations did anyone see or hear the angel Gabriel talk to Muhammad.

In a nutshell, all that humanity has ever had and knows about Muhammad’s Quran are Muhammad’s own unsubstantiated, unwitnessed and uncorroborated words that leave a huge question mark regarding their veracity.

In Islamic theology, Abrogation means to overrule; to make null and void or to overturn earlier revelations and or commandments by the later ones.

Muhammad’s Quran is unique among all the holy Scriptures of other peoples because it is the ONLY one that allows the god of Muhammad, Allah, to keep changing his mind regarding his alleged revelations to Muhammad as and when Muhammad needed him.

This means that Allah (the god of Muhammad) revealed something to Muhammad at an earlier time but later on he changed the revelation to suit Muhammad’s later circumstances.

Every Imam and apologist for Islam will do their worst to DECEIVE Quran ignorant people by telling them blatant lies regarding this extremely deadly (for Islam) subject but the Islamic scripture uncovers their mendacity.

Any fair minded and intelligent human being would ask the following logical question: How is it conceivable for any God, any Omniscient God not to know BEFOREHAND everything?

As shocking and as simple this realization is, the FACT remains none the less, that Muhammad’s Quran contains Abrogated and Abrogating verses in 71 Suras (Chapters) – out of 114 – comprising 62.28% of all the Suras of the Quran that have had verses changed, over ruled  or deleted.

This proves that Muhammad’s Allah is a god bereft of foresight, with a fickle mind and incapable of assessing the weaknesses and or strengths of Muhammad or his followers. This is of course a blasphemous characterization of any Omniscient divinity.

Neither in the Hebrew Bible nor in the New Testament are there such verses. The God of Israel is not shown to give one command one instance and then changes it either immediately, shortly afterwards or much later because He did not realize that it was too onerous to be fulfilled by mere humans or for any other reason.

The verse that allows Allah to Abrogate was revealed in:

Al Baqara 2:106 “ None of Our revelations do We (Allah) abrogate or cause to be forgotten but We substitute something better or similar; knowest thou not that Allah hath power over all things?

*** Why would any omniscient God not know beforehand the weaknesses or strengths of His own creation?

It is unadulterated BLASPHEMY to impugn to the Almighty (if Allah is God) human weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Why would any almighty God change His ‘mind’ and replace earlier ordinances with others?

Why would such a God especially replace earlier ones with SIMILAR ones?

Why similar?

Why not ‘reveal’ the better ones from the very beginning?

The reader is entitled to ask such questions that require intelligent and logical answers.

Can any Muhammadan Muslim provide any logical answers? ***                                  

Al Nisa 4:82 “Do they not ponder over the Quran? Had it been the word of any other but Allah they would surely have found a good deal of variation in it, much discrepancy and incongruity…those who check and scrutinize will know it.”

*** Muhammad’s Quran is challenging the readers to find variations, discrepancies and or abnormalities in its narrative.

The answers to the challenge are actually and incredibly provided by the Quran and Hadiths themselves:

An enormous deal of variations is exactly what is found in the Quranic verses.

There is also of course the issue of the Satanic Verses which were repeated by Muhammad who did not recognize them as coming from Satan.

It is as if by DIVINE JUSTICE, that the Quranic challenge has been met and our case against the veracity and alleged divine origin of the Quran is rested ***

Al Ra’d 13:38 “It was not for any Apostle to come up with a miracle or sign unless it was granted by Our permission. For every age there is a Book revealed.

 Al-Rahman (Allah) abrogates, blots out, or confirms (whatever He wants).” 

Al Nahl 16:101 “And when We (Allah) exchange a verse in place of another verseand Allah knows very well what He is sending down they say, ‘Thou art a mere forger! Nay, but the most of them have no knowledge”.    

*** The reader should be aware of the incredibly unusual TRANSITION in the verse above from ‘We exchange….another verse’ to ‘and Allah knows…down’

Why and how could Allah ‘speak’ in the first person [WE] at the beginning of the verse and then moving immediately and without any logical or grammatical reason to the impersonal [and ALLAH] in the second part of the same verse?

It is precisely because Allah “knows very well what he is sending down” that he has absolutely no reason to change his mind and abrogate or make forgotten an earlier ‘revelation’.

Even the illiterate and unlearned Arabs of Mecca found it intellectually and theologically fraudulent to believe in such a fickle, indecisive and fallible Allah.

Let me now give you one glaring example of what and how Abrogation is achieved~

Al Anfal (Spoils of War) 8:65   “ O apostle! Rouse the believers to the fight.  If there are twenty amongst you patient and persevering they will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred they will vanquish a thousand of the unbelievers (kuffar): for these are a people without understanding”                                

*** In this verse, Allah is putting very onerous odds for the Muslims to achieve in reality. No matter how brave and capable people may be, a ten to one odds in a fight are almost impossible to realize.

When Muhammad’s followers heard this verse they were appalled and very correctly pointed out to Muhammad how onerous and impossible such odds are.

This of course necessitated the ‘revelation’ of another verse – immediately after this one – for a much more reduced odds of two to one instead; as in the following ABROGATING verse.

This Sura also clearly exposes Islam to be a belief system that not only encourages violence but actually makes it a sacred duty for Muslims to kill anyone who does not believe in Islam.

Not only is the “All forgiving Allah” exhorting his followers to kill anyone who is not a ‘Muslim’, but he is also saying that all non-Muslims are so stupid that they will be unable to defend themselves and therefore deserve death ***

Al Anfal 8.66  “For the present Allah hath lightened your (task) for He knoweth that there is a weak spot in you: but (even so) if there are a hundred of you patient and persevering they will vanquish two hundred and if a thousand they will vanquish two thousand with the leave of Allah: for Allah is with those who patiently persevere”               

*** Verses 65 & 66 represent a major trend in the Quran where by Muhammad, finding it difficult for his followers to achieve or implement a Quranic condition, creates a follow up verse “ Made to Order Revelation” reducing and or lightening the burden upon them, hence actually abrogating the earlier one.

If the Quran was given by God, these verses make a mockery of His Prescience. It should be obvious that the Almighty should already know whether the followers of Muhammad are or are not capable of and does not need to abrogate, change, modify or lighten any of them. Each should have been a perfect fit for the occasion (See Bukhari Hadith 6:175)***

The most important Abrogating verse in Muhammad’s Quran is 9.05 that is called the Fighting Verse~

Al Tauba 9.05 “And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful”

According to Al Suyuti’s Al Itqan fi Ulum al Quran

This single verse Abrogated, overruled, made Null & Void 124 earlier conciliatory verses.

Since the Quran and its interpreters, repeatedly mention the inviolability and eternal character of Allah’s rules and regulations, how can they at the same time explain away the most controversial cases of the abrogated and abrogating Suras which number 71, that is 62.28% of the Quran?

In addition to the above anomaly, the reader should also be aware of the missing and forgotten verses that are mentioned in the Hadiths (Traditions about Muhammad).

Again the inquisitive mind must ask the following pertinent questions:

Why and what for would Allah, allegedly the Omniscient, the All Knowing,change his mind at what he had already announced and ‘replace’ it with one ‘equal’ or ‘better’ than the first?

What would the purpose be of changing one verse for an EQUAL?

Why change it if it is only for an EQUAL?

Why does Allah break his own promises and instructions?

Does Allah hence have more than ONE PRESERVED version of the Quran in Heaven?

If so, which one of them is the correct one?

It all sounds more than just blasphemy and mumbo jumbo.

It is an insult to the Almighty and to the intelligence of all human beings who accept such profanity and idiocy of a concept or dogma ***

Dear readers, all the abnormalities, ambiguities, stupidities and contradictions in the Quran are instantly and summarily resolved when the readers absorb and accept the simple and unchallengeable following conclusions:

There is not a single letter, let alone a word, a verse or a chapter in theQuran that could have been revealed by any Omniscient, Merciful or Compassionate divinity because in reality, every letter, word, verse and chapter in the Quran is the product of Muhammad’s imagination, the secretions of his warped mind reflecting his ALTER EGO, his Biography  but very cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouths of Allah and Gabriel to give them the aura of sanctity and divinity.

Allah, Gabriel and Muhammad are one and the same: Muhammad.

Muhammad used Allah and Gabriel as props to give his alleged revelations a cloak of sanctity and divinity but in reality it is all otherwise SATANIC and totally Muhammad’s

In conclusion, the Quran was entirely recited and authored by Muhammad over an incredibly long period of 23 years and since Allah is not God and most certainly not the same as the God of Jesus Moses & Abraham, then Muhammadan Islam is NOT a religion but a CULT belief system, the Cult of Muhammad.

Those who doubt what is being revealed here can read much more on www.alrassooli.com  as well as when they read the following books written by the followers of Muhammad :

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