On the streets of San Francisco recently the police and health officials responded to reports of a twenty pound bag of human feces found discarded on a public thoroughfare. The stench was apparently overwhelming to passerby, not to mention the potential public health hazards involved. And indeed, upon arrival the police found a large plastic trash bag full of crap that was just resting there on a sidewalk, in the heart of the so-called ‘Tenderloin District’.

Nowadays encountering human feces on the streets of San Francisco, along with used syringes discarded by junkies is a common occurrence. Public defecation happens with more and more frequency all over the city. But apparently even for San Francisco’s standards a twenty pound bag of crap was a bit much to accept.

I repeat, “San Francisco’s standards”. Certainly acceptable standards in San Francisco are always far outside the mainstream of the rest of America. Of course that is excluding most other major urban areas in the United States, which are under Democrat control and have been for decades, and many of which have also deteriorated to levels of acceptable conduct approaching the deviancy of the ‘City by the Bay’.

Democrats have had an iron grip on most American urban areas for decades now, and all one has to do is look at the crime statistics and other ‘quality of life’ issues to see how successful Democrat politicians have been at running America’s cities. The Democrats keep making promises to urban residents, and keep failing to deliver. And the poor city dwellers continue to suffer.      

When one thinks about it, it’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination to see that bag full of crap in San Francisco as the new logo of the Democrat ‘Socialist’ Party, replacing the iconic Democrat ‘Donkey’. It’s actually very fitting since the Democrats have for decades offered nothing but a load of crap to the American people.

Early on during his first term in office Barack Obama offered citizens the famous ‘ObamaPhones’ and ‘Cash for Clunkers’. Not much more really than a load of crap, nothing of real substance to benefit all Americans. Just gimmicky little trinkets ballyhooed by a compliant news media and his allies in the Democrat Party.

It’s curious that one never heard Nancy Pelosi referring to these worthless efforts as “crumbs”, as she did President Trump and the Republicans’ recent tax cuts which benefitted ALL hard working Americans by putting more money into their pockets, instead of just a cheap cell phone.

All one has to do is talk to the independent and clear thinking – not to mention taxpaying citizens of California to hear the nightmares foisted upon the state’s residents by Democrat Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrat politicians controlling the legislature for years now.

But California’s story isn’t really much different from the rest of the country in the sense that all politicians regardless of which side of the aisle they stand on make promises. But the Democrats always promise, and the Republicans at least sometimes deliver.

Contrary to the image that the news media presents, we have a president now who genuinely cares about Americans of all races, creeds, and colors. His “America First” rhetoric is sincere, though he may not always express it to the satisfaction of the news media and his political opponents.

And while many of us at times might disagree with some of his tactics, if the career politicians would just get out of his way there is so much more that could be accomplished beyond what has already been achieved. It’s a testament to what is most important to the career politicians. What’s best for the country, or what’s best for their party. It’s pretty obvious where most politicians stand on that isn’t it.

So while both parties make promises they have no intention of ever trying to keep, there’s really only one party that has consistently given Americans nothing but a load of crap.

It’s time to get rid of the Donkey.