With all of the protests against the wall between the U.S and Mexico, I thought it important we take a little deeper look into what is required by Mexico for a non-citizen to enter into Mexico to work, for pleasure or to live.

Mexico has two kinds of permits, immigrant and non-immigrant. Immigrants would be those who want to gain long term residency in Mexico. A non-immigrant would be a visitor, a temporary worker, volunteer, student and such.

If you are a visitor, you must obtain a visitor’s Visa permit at your port of entry. You cannot just run over their border and hang out.

If you are a volunteer, there is another type of Visa for that needs to be filled out and approved.

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If you are going into Mexico to work, even for a few hours, to be an employee, a consultant, make a sales call, or visit in any commercial business, you must have an FM3 permit. I have a relative who sells his products to Mexico and when he crosses the border he must apply for this permit, even for a day. He must have it when he visits clients. If the federal police go to the business and these permits are not on file for every applicable person in that business, the highest ranking employee of that business is arrested. That is grossly different than here, where people cross our borders as they please, and are hired to work, and nothing happens to anyone. Imagine if you were at a company and would be arrested as the highest ranking official at the moment it was discovered that everyone’s papers were not in order. I think hiring illegals would dramatically drop to almost nothing!

If you have entered into Mexico and have no proper paperwork, and are taken into custody, your rights are not the same there as we give here. Your treatment and civil rights are not the same. The prisons are far less nice of a place to be there.

If you want to go to Mexico to live, they look if you are economically active, i.e. have a company sponsored job, or are doing research, or if you have $100,000 US dollars to invest in a  company in Mexico. They do not put you on welfare, feed your kids, educate them, and provide you with free medical care.

If you want to live in Mexico but are not economically active, they look to see if you have an income source, such as a pension, social security, savings etc. You must prove that you have the funds to provide for yourself and sustain yourself. Again, you are not welcome there to just be on the government dole. The cities will not give you sanctuary. The police will not look the other way.

If you commit crimes, you will be in jail, for a long time, not let out to reoffend. If you are deported, they will not take your return lightly.

So I have to ask, why is it unreasonable to ask the same of those who cross our borders? Have a job, have a sponsor, and have the ability to provide for yourself, and complete the proper documents. The people in Mexico are angry about the wall. Any reasonable person can see this does not work both ways, so why the double standard? What are Americans up in arms about when we want the same type of treatment given to us when we cross the Southern border? When I bought a home in Mexico, I filled out all of the proper paperwork, paid exorbitant fees, and every time I go I have to fill out their entry and exit forms. It is as it should be. We are just asking for the same from them. Those who want the free borders must see that it is just a one way door, and I fail to understand the mentality. America is my country. Mexico is theirs. Let’s respect each other’s border policies, and boundaries, and lets neither of us expect free anything from the other, or to receive sanctuary just because I entered illegally. Why this is even an issue just boggles my mind.

Build the wall, fine the sanctuary cities, and stop giving our money to those who are here illegally. America will be safer and more prosperous. Those who enter legally and can contribute to America, will be welcomed, same as we are in Mexico.