Considering all the conspiracy stories burning up social media right now one might wonder just how gullible Americans truly are, and how easy it is to get Americans to buy into some of the most outrageous fake news floating around just by planting a total fabrication on the Internet, and then just sitting back and allowing it to grow on its own.

Take for instance the most recent tale of intrigue involving the CIA, a computer server farm in Frankfurt, Germany, and our very own Delta Force, that is making its way around Facebook. Probably every other social media platform as well. It’s just too juicy of a story not to share. And share, and share, and share, and share again. No matter how ludicrous and outrageous it might be. If it fits into the narrative that one wants to be true, then keep sharing it until the fabrication becomes the truth.

There are variations of the story, but the gist of it is that CIA Director Gina Haspel was wounded helping to defend a secret CIA server farm located in Frankfurt, which was being raided by the Delta Force, who was there to seize the servers because they contained iron clad proof that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump.

According to the story, as an emergency response to the raid, the CIA flew in from Afghanistan a group of CIA paramilitary officers to help fight off the invading Delta Force (a twelve-hour flight by the way. One presumes Delta Force suspended their raid until the CIA paramilitary officers arrived).

During the raging firefight occurring on the streets of Frankfurt (a city of three-quarters of a million people in the heart of Germany), five Delta Force Operators were killed, and one CIA paramilitary officer was also killed. Director Haspel herself was reportedly wounded. Wow!

What an amazing story! An amazing story that hasn’t made it into any German or other European news outlet, not to mention those in the U.S. I know, it must be all part of the deep state’s ongoing operations against President Trump.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty much convinced that the reason this has spread so quickly and with so many variations is that this is just another example of overactive imaginations, likely stimulated by copious amounts of adult beverages. “Hold my beer and watch this” comes to mind.

Of course, neither I nor anyone else is going to convince those who have bought into this narrative that it isn’t true. It’s what they want to be true, so it must be. Don’t rain on my parade fella.

But let me offer an alternative truth. One must ask themselves who benefits the most from the once-secret CIA server farm and its reported capabilities being outed to the whole world? What is the end result of this fabrication of a supposed gun battle on Frankfurt streets gaining credibility? Does it help reinforce the decades-long perception that far too many Americans have, and much of the rest of the world also has of the CIA? That it’s a rogue operation that violates international law, tortures people and violates human rights, spies on friend and foe alike, and interferes in the business of other countries around the world?

Might not the Russians, the Chinese, or even the Iranians benefit from exposing this facility, and the revelations surrounding the CIA’s server farm in Germany? That it’s supposedly a CIA computer hacking capability located smack dab in the heart of an American ally? A capability being used by the CIA to hack into and interfere in other countries’ elections?

Yeah, I can see the Russians planting something and then sitting back and laughing at the gullible Americans who take their fabrication as truth and run with it. They must be chuckling and slapping each other on the back all the way to Moscow.

One of the most, if not the most successful covert influence operations ever undertaken by a country was conducted by the Russians in 2016. Their claptrap was gobbled up by the Democrats who took it all the way to the impeachment of an American president. And the Russians sat back and laughed gleefully in disbelief at how successful they were. And at very little expense to boot. It hardly cost them anything to cause so much damage to our country.

Americans simply have to stop passing gossip around social media without checking it out, and believing it because they want it to be true. That serves no purpose other than to make those of us who truly believe the 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats to look like buffoons. People with the tin foil wrapped so tightly around our heads that we cannot recognize a disinformation campaign being conducted by our enemies. One achieving great success with help from us.

The CIA has been a target of the Russians, the Chinese, and others for decades. What better way to adversely affect your foe’s intelligence capabilities than to have them always put on the defensive inside their own country. Paint them as a rogue operation and let Americans and social media do your work for you.

I implore everyone to stop the madness. Things aren’t true just because we want them to be true, because they fit the narrative we believe, or that we want to believe in. Just because it shows up on Facebook doesn’t make it a fact. Just because some retired general says that it’s true doesn’t mean that it is.

Facts matter, and truth matters. Just because someone says “I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who was there”, that doesn’t lend it credibility.

Meanwhile, the Russians, the Chinese, maybe the Iranians, and probably others are having a hearty laugh at our expense.