How did we get to the point where the United States of America teeters on the precipice, needing just a slight nudge to topple over and become a full-blown communist nation? The answer is really pretty simple. We let it happen. We kept our eyes closed to what was happening around us and allowed it to occur.

Sadly the Greatest Generation saved the world from fascism, but they also put the engine in place that started the drive towards where we now find ourselves, on the verge of completing Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America. There were other contributing factors for sure, but the seeds of this existential threat we now face were planted right after World War II.

How can I say that and be so critical of the generation who sacrificed so much on our behalf? The generation that defeated fascism in Nazi Germany, Italy, and Imperial Japan, and who literally saved the world? I say it because it’s basically true.

The generation we owe so much to, and subsequent generations that came after them, have allowed our country to get to this point in our nation’s history.

Now certainly I’m not alleging that what was done by the Greatest Generation was maliciously done or that it was deliberate. Those who fought on the foreign battlefields in World War II so bravely didn’t just flip to communism after the war ended. In fact, they and their sons and grandsons continued to fight bravely in subsequent wars and foreign battlefields, fighting against the spread of the evils of communism. I argue that what happened was, in many cases, very subtle or outright concealed and hidden. Americans were ‘snuck up on’ by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The infiltration of our country by communists most certainly began well before our nation entered into World War II. But it kicked into overdrive when the war was over when American soldiers came home and began to focus more on returning and rebuilding their lives following our enemies’ defeat. Regaining and building a new life was more important to them at the time than in thinking about new enemies and threats to our nation. And maybe even new wars that might have to be fought.

The Marxists gained a foothold in our colleges and universities, and using leftist educators to indoctrinate the minds of young impressionable American youths; their long-term goals were well underway. Barack Obama himself is a product of this kind of indoctrination. He grew up surrounded by Marxists who undoubtedly had a major influence on him during his formative years.

The American entertainment industry was also infiltrated, using movies and the new medium of television to help to change American’s perspectives further. The American film industry’s infiltration was believed pervasive enough at the time that Congressional hearings were conducted. Discredited now through the prism of history, it’s become more and more apparent that there may indeed have been something to the charges being made at the time.

Our military and intelligence services now seem to be more interested in ‘diversity’ and catering to mentally ill men who like to dress up in women’s underwear than they are in protecting America from the communist threat coming from outside of the country as well as those internal threats that are being uncovered almost every day. 

America’s law enforcement professionals have become a punching bag with a bright red target painted on their backs. The killing of a police officer is now hailed as an act worthy of praise and congratulations in many American cities.

And all the while, Americans who held traditional views of patriotism, morality, and right and wrong continued with their daily lives, more or less oblivious to what was happening around them. They were more focused on who to invite to next Saturday’s Bar B Que, little Buffy’s dance recital, or what color to paint the spare bedroom. The country changing around them simply didn’t register, for the most part, or they chose to block it out.

This brings us to where we are now. A nation where little punks and anarchists have turned our cities into war zones, burning them down without any repercussions. Where the Communist Chinese Party even appears to hold sway over the President of the United States and his family, and who knows how many Democrat members of Congress. We know of at least one who couldn’t keep his pants zipped around a communist Chinese spy. How many others fell prey to this and other recruitment tactics?

Yes, Joe Biden, in my opinion, is clearly under the thumb of Beijing. There’s no doubt that the amount of dirt they may have on Biden and his entire family is enough to ensure that Biden will do their bidding. Blackmail has been a successful tactic in the intelligence game forever.

Congress and the U.S. Senate are in the hands of clowns more suited for the center ring of the Ringling Brothers Circus than they are in governing. With a few exceptions, politics, as usual, is the game that continues to be played in Washington, D.C., to the detriment of American citizens.

So we got to this point in our history because we deserve it. We didn’t pay enough attention to how things were changing and what the Marxists were doing all around us for decades. Eventually, they got to the point that they weren’t even discreet anymore.  They barely concealed it, if at all, and we didn’t want to believe it.

We now find ourselves in a bottomless hole that we’re going to have to dig ourselves out of. Personally, I’m not convinced that all is not already lost. But I won’t give up without a fight. America is too critical to the entire world to allow any “fundamental transformation” to succeed and tip America over the edge.

Image: Reuters