Will the COVID-19 virus kill you?

That seems to be the concern at the top of everyone’s list, at least at the top of list of the “everyone’s” that are so afraid of the virus that they are virtually paralyzed with fear and unable to function outside of the boundaries of their homes.

To set the record straight as I wade into these waters, let me be clear…. COVID-19 does have the potential to kill people who are infected with it. This reality has over 100,000 exhibits of evidence in the deaths of those poor souls who have succumbed to the effects of the virus. I get it. 

But will this virus kill all of those who get it? The answer here seems to be just as clear; the answer is NO. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people who contract the virus will not die, this is supported by evidence as well in the 98% recovery rate we can find in any real study. So why the hysteria?

The answer to this piece of the puzzle is a little harder to see right out front, you have to look, but not just with your eyes, you have to look with your intellect and your experience to see the truth here. 

The fact that we have a breakdown across the USA into the Red State/ Blue State camps as it relates to reopening our economy and rejoining the world is the first clue we need to examine. If you live in a blue state, most likely you are on lockdown. Your governor is telling you that death is just outside your door⏤wear your mask, stay in, stay home⏤your job and your business be damned! 

On the other hand, those living in a red state are being told to start their lives up again, be careful, be cautious, but it’s okay to start moving forward. Go to work, open the restaurants, the bars, and the recreation places.

Why the difference in the two camps, Red and Blue?

It can only mean a couple of things; ONE, the virus is so prevalent that you will die and kill anyone you come into contact with if you go out. The economy means nothing if you are dead so be smart and stay locked down. Or TWO; if you want to get started with life again in direct opposition to those who say death is imminent you are either stupid, a fool, or greedy. But are these the only two possibilities here? The media wants you to see only the two choices, but there are others.

Choice THREE; the virus has begun to slow and run its current course, we are developing a herd immunity, the virus is weakening with the coming of warmer weather and the end of the normal flu season in general. There are many people who see the declining infection rate in states like Florida and Georgia that have reopened and are not seeing a major relapse of infections and deaths as a sign we can begin to live again. These people are choosing to weigh these facts and make choices for themselves and do what’s in their best interest; something we used to cherish not so long ago.

The people in group three are not stupid, foolish, or greedy, they are thinking it through, and they are not paralyzed by fear. Instead they are weighing all the information and accepting the possibilities, then acting accordingly. 

As I look at these three choices, I still feel troubled. I see myself as a group 3 kind of person; I understand the “Science” of the virus, the medical warnings, even though in the case of COVID-19 the medical experts are all over the map when it comes to what to do, and I understand the potential risks of getting the virus. Based on that I choose to venture out into the world, cautiously of course, respecting the concerns of others, but I am ready to go out again.  

I recognize that millions of Americans do not have an unlimited supply of money to sustain them at home indefinitely. I know that millions of people who have sacrificed and worked very hard to build a business do not want to just abandon that pursuit and I know that many people know that government cannot supply us with the cash we need to carry on with out our jobs and businesses.

It is here in this contemplation that I see option number FOUR. The virus is political and has been weaponized. I am not the only voice or the first to posit this possibility, but I see the evidence for it as clear as the mask on the guy driving his car alone. When we look at the choices I have outlined we have to ask; who benefits from them?

This is a basic investigatory question and one that can often cut through the noise and static of any given situation. So, let’s look closer.

This being an election year and one party finds themselves bereft of a realistic candidate that could actually govern effectively and solve our problems. This same party has been revealed in recent months to have engaged in the biggest conspiracy and attempted Coup D’état of an American President that we have ever seen. Their opponent, the sitting president, while he may not be the what many people picture as a president in relation to his tone and tenor, has proven to be very successful in the areas that count most, like the economy. This president is an obstacle that they may not be able to overcome⏤even with their treasonous activities the past 3 years. That does not leave them many options.

Since they have already given every indication that cheating, lying and making up scandals out of whole cloth is not beyond them, we must consider the continued call for lockdown and economic shutdown to be more then mere concern for the American public’s health and could very well be the next phase on their on-going attack to ensure this president does not get a second term. To ignore this possibility is to ignore fact, and anyone who ignores facts that are visible to all of us is to is someone to look at suspiciously. 

What we have here is a standoff between the left and the right. It would seem that our friends on the left have made a decision to destroy the economy as a political tool to affect the next election and usher them back into power.

If not, why the red state | blue state face off? 

With that I mind, accepting that my option number 4 is correct in how this has affected our fellow citizens; it brings me to the fear factor. I know many people who are smart, decent people, some of them relatives. They are frozen in place with fear of the virus and the potential for death. This fear is stoked by the media. 

You may have seen examples of the fear reaction when you are walking through a parking lot going to your local food store. Your mask is in your hand, ready for quick deployment before you enter the store and encounter people when someone walking the other direction, their mask firmly in place on their face, even if they are more than 20 feet away, they begin to step back from you and recoil in horror as though you are the virus itself.

“Where’s your mask” they might scream, indignant that you would not wear it at all times, or “Put your mask on!” said in a demanding tone letting you know they know you have no concern for anyone else but yourself.

This reaction is common⏤many people have told me it has happened to them, and it has happened to me. So, what is it that creates this abject fear in them, why don’t they see things in a more even way?  

I have wrestled with this question for some time now, especially as the restrictions are beginning to lift, which I believe enhances their sense of fear since they believe it is too soon. As I work through the possibilities I have come to the conclusion that there are certain people among us that are prone to be guided by the opinions of others, such as the “experts” we see everyday on the mass media predicting doom, and the second wave of death if we come out of hiding.

This phenomenon is revealing in how human nature works and gives us a glimpse into how a government or a tyrant can manipulate entire populations, sometimes to the point committing horrific crimes against their fellow citizens; history is replete with examples.

I don’t hold myself over these people, I know they believe there is a danger we cannot control, but why doesn’t that affect everyone, why don’t we all follow along and live in the fear of the virus like so many are? How is it that many of us see the potential⏤weigh the odds, and choose a different path?

It seems to me like the fear and the hysteria of the experts and those who see political advantage in fostering this fear and the divide it causes have hypnotized half of our country. “You’ll kill all of us” is their battle cry, and separating us from our constitutional rights is not only acceptable, but desired to stop the whole sale destruction of the population to the stupid, foolish or greedy people that don’t understand the reality of the COVID-19 virus and the darkness just up the road. 

A mask is your symbol of conformity, your obedience is your virtue signaling “I care” and the abandonment of your rights is the price we pay to be protected from the unknown. It is in the manipulation of fear that a person with evil intent can overcome the will of another and lead the masses to a death they never considered; a life lived under a tyranny.

For me it is a price to high. I say this; If you are afraid, then stay in your home, don’t go outside, don’t allow anyone into your home, exist on your savings or the largess of the government for as long as it lasts, but for those people who choose to pursue life as free people, go to church to worship their God and be with friends and family they should be allowed the choice. And while that is a nice idea, it is also the law of the land, it is the constitution, the supreme guide to our freedom.