Joe Biden, at age 78, fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming president. In his case, three times was the charm. Biden will be the oldest man ever to be elected to the presidency. Now that the societal forces, along with a questionable 80,000,000 Americans having elected Harris/Biden over Donald Trump, the new administration will have to contend with real-life critical issues. Joe Biden will no longer be hiding in a bunker sniping at Trump.

By itself, the Democrat agenda would have floundered almost immediately had the American news media been the supposed Fourth Estate protecting “We the People” by keeping them abreast of facts and truth. Instead, they were the most egregious perverts of evidence in recent memory. The last four years and continuing, they have been proving themselves as nothing more than the shameless propaganda mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.

Adding insult to injury, every single social media behemoth is acting as the final arbiter of what is true or a lie because they have decided that they are more knowledgeable than American citizens.

To completely censor the USA president without recourse to redress is a greater threat to Americans than China or Russia. Without free speech and thought, every single American citizen will be doomed to slavery⏤intellectually, spiritually, financially, and physically, to the unelected tyrannical individuals, who singlehandedly controlled their access to all information and transactions. Will Biden do anything about them?

Now that his dream of being president has come true, Biden will have to deal with the following nightmares that are already materializing within the USA and abroad. Here is a list of some of the most pressing issues facing the new administration:

Corona Pandemic:

Luckily for Biden, the billions of dollars that Trump allocated to create a vaccine at Warp Speed have come to fruition at the very moment he was elected. It is Biden’s turn to fight this pandemic and will be at the receiving end of accusations for failures, delays, or increased deaths because of incompetence.

Divided Americans:

  1. Neither Biden nor any other Democrat leader nor the mainstream media addressed the terror and devastation perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa in over 60 American cities.
  2. In fact, Kamala Harris was more than happy to invite them; yet a single act – in four years – by some Trump supporters in Washington DC, produced more manufactured outrage and calumny in a few days than what Democrat supporters were destroying for several months.
  3. Will Biden have the moral fortitude and backbone to withstand his leftist supporters from attempting to take vengeance against Trump and all his supporters?


  1. Biden intends to go back to the Obama nuclear deal with the Ayatollahs of Iran with some modifications. The Ayatollahs have already made it crystal clear that they are ratcheting their centrifuges to achieve the 20% purity for nuclear weapons and will not back down on their missiles.
  2. Why would any US administration accommodate this terrorist regime, which has been confronting USA assets in the Middle East, using proxy states or organizations? They are the ones behind the terrorists of Hezbollah/Lebanon; Hamas/Gaza; Houthis/Yemen; Iraq, Syria, and al-Qaeda.
  3. Why has not any Democrat addressed the regime’s total suppression of all human freedoms?
  4. By the way, they have been expanding their terror infrastructure at the very gates of the USA in Mexico and Venezuela. Yet, not a single mainstream news media in the USA is mentioning this fact.
  5. We are repeatedly informed that Iran’s economy is in free fall, yet they have enough money to finance all their terrorist proxies plus an enhanced military. No doubt, the over $152,000,000,000 that Obama and Biden gifted them is very helpful.

Sunni Islam:

  1. Biden must know that the Middle East political arena has changed dramatically in the last few months, allying several Arab states with – what was unthinkable only a year ago – Israel, simply because both the Sunni Arab states and Israel are facing the Ayatollahs’ Shia terrorist regime.
  2. Why are the Democrats and Biden more concerned about human rights in Saudi Arabia but nothing about the same in Iran?
  3. Saudi Arabia has already made it very clear that they will go nuclear to protect themselves against rogue Iran.
  4. Other Sunni states – especially Egypt – are aiming for the same. Considering the fact that not a single Muslim country is a true democracy, having so many of them with such weapons bodes ill for the world since it is a fact of history that Democratic states do not start wars.


  1. Not once in the last 72 years of her existence has Israel had a better relationship with so many Arab nations who value her ability to confront Iran’s aggression.
  2. Since 1979, the Ayatollahs of Iran had publicly and in the UN, declared their intention to eradicate Israel OFF the face of the Earth. The very UN that was created for stopping wars and especially Genocide, yet not a single nation has had the moral standing or the spine to tell the other members that Iran should be kicked out from the UN because they are breaking its backbone charter.
  3. Israelis know very well – based on the recent experience of the Holocaust – that, when anyone threatens them with death, they must believe them and hence attempt to destroy them pre-emptively.
  4. Israelis stood alone in 1948 when 6 neighboring Arab states invaded them the very day they declared their statehood. They triumphed against enormous odds since they fought for their survival as a people in the land of their nativity.
  5. Once again, in 1967, when Egypt’s Nasser publicly declared his intention to eradicate Israel and its people, not a single nation stood by Israel. However, Egypt was breaking the 1956 agreements made with the UN.
  6. Iran is speeding its process to enrich her uranium to 20%, the very level that Israel had already declared she would not tolerate.
  7. Israel does not have to cross over Iraq to reach Iran with the American threat to shoot its planes down (as per Obama in 2012). Her new Arab friends will allow her planes to short cut all the way to Tehran with their blessing.
  8. Israeli submarines are already in the Gulf area and most probably off Iran’s shores with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles to stop the Ayatollahs from fulfilling their wet dream of an exterminated Israel.
  9. When Israel may attack in self-defense, the same UN will condemn her, NOT the terrorist regime.


  1. Biden continues assuring Americans that China is not a threat to the USA, despite the reality that China has been stealing US intellectual, technical and scientific properties for decades.
  2. China poses a great threat to America in the Pacific with its converted Atolls into military bases with its own territorial sea, land, and air restrictions.
  3. Will Biden abide by the financial protocols that Trump instituted, or will he relieve the Chinese from restriction as a goodwill gesture?


  1. Under Obama and Hillary, they were going to have a ‘reset’ with Russia, yet they opposed Trump’s attempts to do the same for four years whilst accusing him of being a pawn of Putin.
  2. After four years of investigations, Trump’s enemies could not prove their accusations that Russia helped him win the presidency. However, they continue the charade with new accusations for another sham impeachment.

North Korea:

  1. For most of 2020, Kim Jong Un had been very quiet. All of a sudden, now that Trump is leaving, the dictator is rattling his military sabers testing Biden’s resolve.
  2. No one is explaining how an impoverished country can spend billions of dollars on military hardware while its people are starving.
  3. Kim is again coordinating with Iran on missile and nuclear technologies.
  4. What will Biden do when Kim tests his latest Ballistic Missiles?


  1. Another country that is supposedly suffering serious economic problems is able to get involved with troops on the ground in Syria, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Libya.
  2. Erdogan has made himself the absolute ruler of Turkey and turned her into an Islamic Sharia-compliant entity, intolerant of all other religions, especially Christianity.
  3. He keeps threatening his neighbors – On and Off – Cyprus, Greece, and Israel to impose Turkey’s supremacy in the Mediterranean.
  4. All three have made agreements with Egypt on how to explore the Gas & Oil wealth under the sea, which Erdogan is attempting to undermine. How will Biden deal with him?

Illegal Immigrants:

  1. Biden, Harris, and almost all the Democrats have been declaring their intention to open America’s borders for ‘immigrants.’
  2. Why would any American leader support illegal immigrants’ rights above and beyond those of legal immigrants and American citizens?
  3. How is it patriotic and morally acceptable for any American president to allow illegals in when they will be competing with Americans for jobs, housing, benefits, education, and medication that have to be paid for by the already tax burdened working citizens?

Islamic Terrorism:

  1. Without a doubt, I am one of less than a handful of people who have repeatedly been pointing out that the most persecuted religion in the 21st century is Christianity by Islam.
  2. Every single day in Muslim states in Africa and Asia, Christians are murdered, raped, forced into conversion, persecuted, plundered, or exiled. Yet, not a single mainstream news media in the USA or Europe mentions these events. Not one.
  3. What is most shocking and totally unconscionable is the deafening silence of not only Pope Francis but every single Christian prelate regarding the persecution of their coreligionists.
  4. In the meantime, Muslims in Congress and the USA relentlessly deceive Americans that they are victims of the oxymoron term of Islamophobia.
  5. These Sharia-compliant Muslims cannot ever be loyal citizens in any Infidel/Kuffar non-Muslim country, such as the USA. In fact, every single mainstream news media does its utmost to mislead its readers by telling them that Muslim terrorists are not true Muslims when, in reality, they are fully obedient to every letter of Allah’s Sharia.
  6. It is a truly sickening tragedy that over 2300 American soldiers died and 20,000 plus wounded – costing over 2.4 trillion dollars – were wasted over Muslim Afghanistan, when very shortly, under the Sharia-compliant Taliban, it will never be a parliamentary democracy. Trump is perfectly correct to leave it to its own destiny by attempting to remove all American troops ASAP. Will Biden have the intelligence to take them out?

Armenian Genocide:

  1. The Republic of Armenia is a landlocked country in the Caucasus region, surrounded by mostly Muslim hostile states such as Sunni Turkey in the West, Shia Iran in the south, Muslim Azerbaijan in the East, with only Christian Georgia in the North.
  2. Currently, Erdogan of Turkey (who denies the genocide of Armenians by Turks 1915/23) and the Azerbaijan leaders falsely accused the Armenians of starting a war that was actually instigated by Azerbaijan.
  3. Once again, not a single Christian country is supporting the Armenians. Will Biden do anything about this?

Biden/Harris will have a huge number of adversarial events to contend with while at the helm, instead of sniping safely while in leaderless opposition.

If my prognosis is correct, maybe two years down the line, millions of Americans will realize that they made a terrible choice electing the Leftist/Globalist Harris/Biden ticket. Tragically by then, a lot of damage or even a major war would have occurred.

Image: Reuters