Over the course of time I’ve been reluctant to verbalize about the issue of abortion. Pro-Choice against Pro-life has been an exercise in futility.

Neither side is willing to budge. The Democrats has been the majority voice within the Supreme Court for over 83 years. With the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh and possibly another Justice within a period of time, the cemented precedent of Roe v Wade is surely going to come before the high court. It will be the greatest battle imaginable. 

With the legislators in N.Y. State legalizing late term abortion, this is going to ricochet around the country until it lands in the High Courts lap.

It’s unavoidable now. 

This notion, that up to the very moment of the birth of a fully formed human being, the State can give its blessing to the slaying of that unborn child, is unfathomable. 

There is no place to run and hide from this issue anymore. If it’s illegal to murder someone after birth, what’s the difference. If it’s a moment before birth. Someone has to protect this unborn child, no different than the progressive left wants to protect an illegal immigrant child, who crosses the border. We would never consider slaying them, now would we?

The Progressive organizations, such as the ACLU, who historically have protected the rights of the less advantaged, they are silent as crickets now.

Can you name a more vulnerable individual than a fully developed unborn child? 

The day of reckoning is upon us. God help us all.. love RayRay..and a Poem.

A Voice From Inside 

A flutter a heartbeat
A life underway
A tiny kick from inside
I’ll be welcomed one day

I hear your voice echo
In my tiniest ears
You’re singing a song
It even tingles my rear

Tho I haven’t discovered
What’s happening to me
Yet I feel every vibration
Of my own history

One day I will tell you
How grateful I swear
I am the miracle
Not a burden to bear

I hear there is trouble
So cruel and absurd
Adults who grew hardened
Would slay me I’ve heard 

How did this happen?
Such Murderous lies
If it’s a sin on the outside
What’s the difference inside?

Someone please tell me
It’s really insane
Conception has happened
Yet I am to blame?

Someone please shield me
From those who don’t comprehend
That the smallest among us
Are those we must always defend

I’m the human in humanity
That starts with one cell
Let me breathe some fresh air
I promise a great story to tell

Written by RayRay 1/25/19©️