This tawdry impeachment business that was a coup attempt against a very popular and effective conservative president isn’t over by a long shot. While the Left pauses to re-group and lick its wounds, and grab the tattered pieces of the scheme that blew up in their faces⏤it hasn’t closed any doors on their contempt. The end of the trial however, has opened the gates of ‘hades,’ the screaming devils will be swarming up out of the depths of their despair to continue to spread the filth of their hate until the ‘Orange Man” is gone, forever.

To start the next campaign, Muslim Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, has claimed that Trump’s acquittal will now allow his Presidency to become a dictatorship. That’s complete nonsense and conservatives everywhere cannot allow the roots of that really stupid idea to take hold.

Let’s examine what makes a “dictator.” The Left wants America to become more like the Russian version of Communism. The world’s greatest Dictator, Hitler and Mao aside, was Russia’s Joseph Stalin. How was he defined being a dictator? First to be one, a dictator must absolutely control the reins of government and the military. Our Government, loaded up as it is with deep state bureaucrats who leak every utterance from an administration they don’t like to the media, already makes a Trump dictatorship a non-starter.

In fact, Obama’s imbedded deep state bureaucrats acted more to support an Obama dictatorship than Trump could ever hope for. 

To be a dictator, Trump would have to surround himself with hand licking subordinates. That hasn’t happened. The GOP side of the Deep State immediately surrounded him with their ‘status quo elites’ to keep their programs in place, not his, which explains all the firings and hirings Trump has done to keep control of his Make American Great Again message.  

A dictator must keep all potential rivals at each others throats, like we see the Democrats are now doing in their laughable campaign search for a candidate to challenge Trump. Presently he has no rivals, only a gaggle of RINO bureaucrats wanting to keep the status quo. 

To be a dictator, Trump has to control the media. So, how’s that going? He will also have to make government bureaucracy answerable to him alone. Obama did, with the IRS, DoJ, FBI, & etc. but they resist Trump. He will have to control his Party as well as the Government. But, whoa, Trump doesn’t have a party and, at the moment he cannot trust the Republican party behind his back. The former House speaker Paul Ryan, and now Mitt Romney, are evidence enough of that very fear.   

Trump, via twitter and other social media outlets is trying to control his message, not the propaganda the deep state puts out in the declining viewership of the cable news networks. A dictator would have news dissenters in a gulag somewhere and what message went out, was his. For Stalin, his total control of government came through his party who supplied the political leadership to all areas of government. Does Trump have a party? No, not yet anyway!

A Trump dictatorship must have a ruthless enforcement arm. Stalin had the Cheka, NKVD and later the KBG. Obama came closest by politicizing the IRS, DoJ and the FBI, enforcement arms of government that swept onto a potential victims home in the dead of night with SWAT police to effect arrests of his elderly enemies. To maintain control, a dictator must use his secret police like dictatorships do constantly, to spy on all the citizens and spread his control through terror. Obama spied on Trump’s campaign but fell short of using terror as a control mechanism. This is still America after all. Has Trump done that? No, but, if he did launch such a purge, I suspect Rashida Tlaib would be first followed closely by Nancy Pelosi and the other nutters.

Stalin established work camps, Gulags, all around the country. People sent there were expected to die. During Obama’s term, conspiracy theorists and the rumor mill suggested FEMA was erecting concentration camps around America to house Obama’s enemies. Their existence was never proved or disproved but, if true, you can be sure they could be resurrected again by the next Democrat President. 

To control the Military as a dictator, Trump must use the power of promotions to fill the Generalship ranks with his ‘party’ favorites. Stalin had his officer corps shot and replaced with party faithfuls. Obama fired Generals who opposed his ideas and hired Generals who didn’t. As a dictator, Trump must have his closest trusted party confidents assigned to oversee those transitions. Well, who could they possibly be? Name one!

A dictator also needs to control education and the internal freedom of movement. Stalin’s dictatorship required all citizens to have internal passports. To get one, an applicant must pass the party purity test. We’re not there yet but, because the Democrats are attacking our 1st amendment, such an internal passport attempt can’t be far behind. Only our 2nd amendment stops ’em! Purges and terror are the tools Stalin used to maintain his dictatorship. Stalin was the best at it. Compared to Stalin, Castro, Mao, Hitler &, Trump’s a pussycat. 

Obama created a cult of personality. It exists to this very day despite all the damage of his eight years in office. It’s his loyal syncopates that is the present day deep state who are the nemesis of the Trump Presidency.

They are hidden throughout the bureaucratic apparatus of the Federal government, from military officers in the State Dept. to CIA agents, to IRS accountants. In Stalin’s days they would have been shot outright or disappeared into the Siberian Gulags.

Trump has loyal supporters in the voter base and in his administration, but he enjoys no cult status. A dictator must maintain his cult status as one who is beloved. But, to be a cult figure in a dictatorship, their can be no God or Jesus or organized religion. Trump has done anything but. Some say, Trump is a Godless man. Perhaps, but there can be no doubt that he is sent by God! The attack on our Judeo-Christian culture started with Obama, who, if he had a religion was steeped in Islamic butt kissing or, maybe he was just a golfing BS’er.

I was listening to President Trump’s post acquittal speech at the White House⏤latent in his soft tones and pointed criticisms, listing all the scurrilous attacks against him by Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and company, I think I can see a sort of purge coming in his second term.

It won’t be Stalinist style because Trump is not a dictator.

But I suspect that those who have trashed their Oaths of office and went out of their way to attack the 2016 voters preference for president, may finally be seeing the inside of a prison cell in the near future. It’s only right! 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: AP