Almost every book, newspaper or thesis written by the scholars of Muhammadan Islam rebuke, defame and insult the West especially for their Imperialism and occupation of Arab and Muslim lands BUT at the same time glorify their own conquests and find nothing hypocritical with such duplicitous logic.

We must point out to our readers the following irrefutable facts:

It was because of Western Imperialism that Arab and Muslim lands were introduced to Education; Sanitation; Electricity; Running Water; Democracy; Roads; Trains; Cars; Planes; Medicines; Inoculation; etc.

It was also because of Western Imperialism that the Arabs were liberated from the 500 years yoke of the Turkic Ottoman Empire and 22 Arab countries that did not exist before were created.

It was due entirely to Western Imperialism that the Arabs re-discovered their past history due exclusively to the Archaeological and Literary discoveries and researches financed and conducted entirely by the West.

Let us share with you the records of Arab and Muslim conquests and Imperialism that we absolutely correctly call Muslim rewriting of history as totally Hypocritical.

We are therefore going to compare the positive achievements of Western Imperialism, with what the Arabs and Muslim Imperialists contributed towards their conquered peoples and lands.

First and foremost, let us first set the record straight: The Arab conquests during and after the death of Muhammad were not only motivated by the desire to spread Islam and Allah’s Sharia but were mainly to acquire territory and wealth. In fact, the spread of Islam was just a byproduct of the conquests.

As was true throughout human history, enormous wealth brought with it enormous power. Wealth and power are synonymous. But, enormous power also engendered enormous corruption.

The Arabs and Muslims were just as greedy and just as morally weak as anyone else when faced between the choice of acquiring wealth or staying as good observant poor Muslims in the Arabian desert. The Arabs conquered, slaughtered, plundered, enslaved and subjugated other peoples and lands and became not just another imperialist power, but the most predatory and long lasting Imperialist power in human history.

The same modern Arabs and Muslims who condemn European and American imperialism have very conveniently forgotten or are deliberately ignoring their own conquests.

Unlike all other Imperialist powers that have ceased to exist, Arab imperialism continues to this day – 1400 years later – in control and in subjugation of hundreds of millions of peoples and lands that never belonged to them except through conquest and enslavement.

The speed with which the Arabs were able to defeat other countries was astounding and the main reason –  especially in what we call today Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt – was because most of these peoples welcomed them as would be deliverers from the intolerance and subjugation of the Byzantine Christian and the Sassanid Persian Empires.

Very few of the Arab victories would have been possible had the populace been hostile to them. It is a fact that the Arabs had absolutely no instruments of siege nor were they adept at such warfare at the very beginning of their invasions.

Muhammad started the Arabs on the path of imperialism from the time of the Hijra in 622CE with the following allegedly ‘revealed’ verses:

Al Tauba 9:5 “But when the forbidden months are past then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them and seize them beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)…”

9:29 “Fight those who believe NOT in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth [Islam] (even if they are) of the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] until they pay the Jizya [Penalty for not being a Muslim] with willing submission and feel themselves humiliated”

Ali Imran 3:19 “The Religion before Allah is Islam (submission to His will)”

3:85If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah) never will it be accepted of him”

Most of the verses in Muhammad’s Quran and Hadiths (Traditions about Muhammad) incite his followers (Muslims) to commit Jihad (Qital fi sabil Allah) meaning (Warfare for the sake of Allah). After all, Jihad is the 6thand most important article of Muslim faith since it is fully sanctified by Allah’s Sharia.

Muhammad started his Jihad (Plunder and Slaughter against ALL none Muslims) first against his own Pagan tribe of Quraysh then followed with the forced conversion and or destruction of other pagan Arab tribes, then the Arabian Jews and Arabian Christians.

Based upon the above alleged ‘divine revelations’, the forcibly converted – illiterate and uncivilized Arab Bedouins – led by the Caliphs who succeeded Muhammad, conducted wars of extermination and or subjugation against all of none Muslim humanity from Iraq and Syria to Iran; from India to China; from Egypt to the Atlantic and from Cyprus to Italy, Spain and France.

In about 100 years, the Arabs and their forced converts (Muslims) achieved an empire greater in size than that of Rome’s of 1000 years.

This Arab Empire caused the destruction, plunder of wealth and enslavement, not only of tens of millions of human beings, but also of temples, religions, civilizations, traditions, cultures, art and languages of the subjugated peoples and nations.

The so called Islamic Arts, were and are only copies of those of the Byzantine Christian, SassanidPersian and Indian Civilizations.

The so called ‘Islamic Civilization’, is a first class misnomer because in reality it should be called the ‘Mawali Civilization’, since the Arabian hordes had no civilization to contribute to the enslaved peoples thus it was the Mawalis (Christians and Jews subjugated to Islam) who translated Sciences and Literature to Arabic.

In reality and contrary to Arab and Muslim propaganda, it was the intellectuals of the subjugated civilizations that gave the Arabs the foundations upon which to continue – with fits and starts and against all the Islamic Shari’a laws and Arab traditions – on the path that led them for a while  to greater enlightenment.

Converse to all the lies and mis-information by the Arabs, past and present, most of the scientists and luminaries of ‘Islam’ were actually from among the Mawali (the converted subject people to Islam) such as the Persians, Syrians, Jews, Christians, Hindus etc. as the ‘Islamic’ records themselves assert.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Arab Imperialism has been the most enduring, the most destructive and the least useful in the history of the world. This assertion is based entirely on the following indisputable facts:

There was no Arab civilization in the area and era of Muhammad. His followers were mostly illiterate and very simple and superstitious nomadic and semi nomadic people.

The Arabs conquered several of the most ancient and established civilizations in the world; plundered them, massacred, enslaved and subjugated millions of Kuffar/ Infidels/ None Muslims. This applies particularly to the Byzantine Empire which fell more due to Christian infighting than to Arab military prowess.

Arab and Islamic Imperialism was so total that they forced tens of millions of conquered peoples to convert to Muhammadan Islam, to lose their religious and cultural identities as well as their language.

The Arabs could not, and did not, contribute anything to the subjugated civilizations, since they themselves were far inferior culturally, theologically and intellectually.

Arab imperialism, unlike that of the Persians, Greeks, Romans and the recent so called Western imperialism, is almost totally PARASITIC.

Nearly 95% of all so called Muslim scientists, were from among the Mawalis – converts from among the conquered peoples – and not pure Arabs.

All of them excelled, not because of Muhammadan Islam, but in spite of it, and invariably, during periods of history, when the conditions were of toleration that allowed Christians, Jews and others, to contribute and cross fertilize knowledge.

It is a given, that human intellect can only thrive under conditions of freedom of thought and the ability to exchange ideas and communication.

It can never excel under conditions of theocratic terror, as invariably exists under the Sharia law of Muhammadan Islam.

Most of so called ‘Islamic science’, was only built upon the foundations of Greek, Roman, Hebrew, Byzantine, Persian and Indian knowledge, and had it not been for the translations of these ideas and thoughts, by Christians and Jews of the Arabian Empire, ‘Islamic science’ would not have existed.

In fact, nothing of value, intellectual, artistic, spiritual or literary can ever sprout in the darkness cast by Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam’s Sharia upon all the peoples and lands that it occupies.

Ladies and gentlemen, the most perfect example of the Fundamentalist Muhammadan State is that of the Taliban in Afghanistan or very recently of ISIS:

A state of Mind-boggling Ignorance, of Depraved Injustice and Inhumanity.

Human intellect and achievements can only excel in the sunshine of freedoms of: thought, religion, politics, literature, art and expression which Islam abhors, avoids and detests.

While Westerners do not glorify their Imperialism, Muslims and Arabs gloat, lionize and exalt their mass slaughter of over 250,000,000 Africans, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Jews.

While Christian Westerners were the first and foremost people to eradicate slavery, Muslims never ever attempted to stop their systematized, institutionalized and heinous program even as you are reading this article today.

Furthermore, according to Islam, every square foot of land ruled by Muslims, is forever part Dar al Islam / Lands of Islam.

Arab Imperialism is so complete, that hundreds of millions of Muslims do not even realize this fact. Out of 1,500,000,000 Muslims, at least 1,100,000,000 are NOT Arabs but they all believe in and follow the following:

  1. They have to read Muhammad’s Quran in Arabic
  2. They believe in a god called Allah; a pagan Arabian god
  3. They believe in Muhammad as the messenger of Allah; an Arabian ‘prophet’
  4. The Shia Muslims believe in Ali, Hassan and Hussein; Arabian leaders
  5. They pray towards Mecca; Arabian city
  6. They circum-ambulate the Kaaba; Arabian pagan shrine
  7. They kiss the Black Stone; Arabian pagan holy object
  8. Most of them write in Arabic script
  9. They emulate Muhammad’s Sunna; Arabian leader
  10. They greet each other in Arabic and repeatedly invoke the Arabic name of their god Allah at least 600 times a day

Arab Imperialism is so comprehensive that those who had to convert to Islam were forced to lose and eradicate all vestiges of their previous history, religion, culture, literature, art and lineage.  

No other Imperialist power in the annals of the world was able to achieve this.