Either the New York Times and other Leftists media outlets truly believe the crap they write or try to peddle to the American people, or they are indeed entering a stage of dementia clearly defined by the fact few people even believe them anymore⏤or the blowback response is so great they are actually forced to rescind their comments.

The recent revelation of another sexual attack allegedly perpetrated by Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh back in his Yale days, published without verification, authorization or common sense, has blown up in their face.

The alleged victim, a woman, immediately said she didn’t know what they were talking about, absolutely denying any such incident involving her and Justice Kavanaugh. Oops!

With Ruth Bader Ginsberg on deaths door step, the Left is plainly in a panic over Trump having another shot at her replacement because the slate of their 2020 presidential candidates would make anyone panic! However, NY Times reporters aren’t really reporters at all but far left political activists intent on pushing false narratives to keep the Presidents good news out of the public eye, including adding another Conservative to the Supreme Court.

The NYT, now a simple rag is desperate to be the newspaper of record for the DNC and so it can be relied on to throw any form of anti-Trump nonsense hard up against the wall just to keep their political pot boiling. So far, nothing sticks. It’s driven by anti-Trump dementia. It has to be!

It is depressing what the media gets away with these days, spreading fake news as real journalism. The Constitution guarantees us a free media, but the media, the “fourth estate,” has become mired in defamation, slander, libel, false news and hopefully soon, defendants in law suits. In fact, many still believe the third accuser of Kavanaugh⏤even though her story was clearly debunked. Even the second and third accusers were easily debunked. So much so the leftist Democrats didn’t even really bring up their cases because they were so outrageously libelous.

No honest person believes the current accusation. Kavanaugh was vetted many times more thoroughly than Barack Obama. It is apparent now that the DNC has become a solely political, atheist, anti-American organization to which truth means nothing.

The Left cannot provide solid evidence for any of their lies so the Media fills the bill with made up stories, false accusations and fake news. When the word anonymous as a news story source is given credit, then we become numbed to the story.

Have you noticed how fast this story has disappeared from the headlines since the blowback was so fierce? A minor correction was made but alleging the issue was revealed in a late book on the Kavanaugh hearings and was missed, just shows how far adrift the media has become.

And let’s face it, the NYT is like every other Democrat Media outlet: a propaganda machine for the anti-American, pro Socialist Democrat Party. It’s not propaganda anymore, it’s outright libelous lies and fake news that falls into the category of “dirty tricks,” all to advance the Democrats subversion of America.

We’ve got to become aware of what’s happening around us before the shooting starts, as surely as Elm blight comes in January, it will.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, got get ‘em!