“Growing up, I was always told that I would end up pregnant, that I would never be anything, that I would end up in jail, that I would be homeless”, explains Cordelia Cranshaw. “I really felt like I didn’t have much confidence. My mother — after her being incarcerated, in and out of my life, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. My dad being an alcoholic,” she said.

One of 18 children, Cranshaw lived her childhood years in foster care, and at 14 she tried to take her own life. Throughout those challenging years growing up, Claudia Cranshaw never lost her confidence. She was one of 6% of the children who aged out of the foster care system and still achieved a bachelor’s degree. Today, as a social worker, she helps children facing many of the same challenges that she did growing up – achieve and overcome those obstacles.

“My message is for any life challenge – go out their and reach for your dreams, turn them into reality. Hard work, dedication, and consistency will get you there,” says Cranshaw. 

They say 3 Strikes and you’re out! Claudia defied those odds, and after striking out 3 Times for the Crown, something magically happened – she won!

The story continues on the Brink of Greatness Podcast…

The Next Leap Forward

“My first priority is to inspire others to persevere. No matter what life challenges you face, no matter how negative the circumstances are, we can always turn negatives into positives,” she said. “I will travel to the local schools, sharing my experiences and tools for success. I want to instill hope into those who feel hopeless and motivate those who want to turn their dreams into reality. I believe we are all only one resource away from reaching our dreams.” – Claudia Cranshaw

Miss D.C. Claudia Cranshaw takes the next big leap of her life on Thursday, May 2nd on Miss USA on the FOX Network – let’s cheer her on!

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