Life just got less complicated for 330 million Americans.

Think the right thoughts. Say the right words. Follow the crowd and you will have no problems at all. No knock on the door in the middle of the night. Simple.

I don’t think the founding fathers had this in mind when they penned the US Constitution. In fact, I’m sure you can imagine that Washington, Jefferson, good old Patrick Henry, and a host of others would strongly disagree as they roll over in their graves. They no longer need to worry about being canceled, silenced, ostracized, placed in reeducation camps, shunned from society, blacklisted, and viewed as traitors for clinging to the concept of individual freedom and personal liberty.

But many Americans today do have to fear that, but they shouldn’t need to.

We are entering a new era of freedom and a new kind of liberty. These ideas will be redefined, redesigned, updated, and pacified to ensure any remnants of past definitions are changed to reflect the more modern understanding of liberty and freedom. A definition that considers the dangers and foolishness of disagreeing with those in power, the potential societal harm that can come about when people think for themselves, or folly under the notion that they know best how to live their lives. These new definitions will remove that kind of corrosive thought and replace it with a more group-friendly approach. 

We will have a new kind of freedom, a freedom to follow the rules set by those who clearly know more than we do, who understand that personal freedom leads to greed, self-aggrandizement, and disparate outcomes based on uncontrollable negative traits like personal motivation, individual ability, and God-given talent. All factors that should be viewed as the divisive things they are.

We will reset the table so we all get the same results. We will have the freedom to finally achieve fairness of outcome once we replace individual achievement and the ugliness it causes with a more appropriate group achievement mentality. There should be no losers. A life where everyone is a winner⏤no matter the effort put forth.

This new paradigm will replace the stress of elections and the exchange of often dangerous and radical ideas related to the negatives of personal freedom, individual rights, and restrictions on a benevolent government. We will still vote, but like the other great nations who have replaced derisive rhetoric with positive “pro-the-people” chants, and sayings, we will bask in the result of a 99% electoral win for the “correct” candidate, we too will feel the joy of having a “glorious leader.” Now that is freedom. 

As we build this better nation and check off the list of ills of our old society, we will tackle police brutality’s never-ending problem; we will simply get rid of the police altogether or shift their law enforcement powers to the new bureau of happy thoughts. This will almost overnight end the marauding and violence these people cause and provide yet another arena of freedom for we the people. It seems clear and makes perfect sense that just as we should handle foreign government threats by being nicer to our adversaries so they can be nicer to us, a world without the police and their fascist ways will allow us, citizens, to go about our business in peace and tranquility.

Of course, not everyone will see these changes for the better; these are the people with their heads and thoughts in the wrong place. They are not necessarily evil, though some no doubt are. They are mostly misguided or raised by parents who came from a generation that doesn’t get it. A generation that can’t seem to wake up to the panacea that could be⏤if they would abandon their self-serving belief systems. Our new freedom and liberty will help these people. We can and should reeducate them for their own good and the good of the collective so that they can join us in a new, fair, and just American society. They might not like it, but most will eventually accept it. For those who don’t wake up, we can figure something out for them.

In every society, there are hardcore troublemakers. They have to be dealt with very strongly, or their actions can cause strife and unbalance a nation’s harmony. This is where the new national police can come in handy. They can quietly and secretly investigate vipers’ nests that would damage the collective with old ideas or rebellious thoughts and bring them to justice before any real damage occurs. To not disturb the peace, they can work in the dark of night, making their rounds where necessary to protect all of us. 

Yes, the new liberty will not so much settle scores as it will enlighten us. Where America had been a light to the old world with its decadence and greed, it can become a new light to the world where we all feel and act the same.

America will take a philosophy that had failed so many times before wherever it was tried, from the hands of the failures, and America will do it right, ushering in a brand-new era of prosperity, equality of outcome, freedom to conform, and opportunity to advance group goals. This is freedom.

To document all of this, we will see a new age of communication, an age that only allows truth to come forward, where evil ideas are banned, silenced, and the thinkers of evil are punished. The only real way to achieve this better kind of communication is to control it from the start to avoid information being corrupted and polluted with non-correct thinking, ideas, and concepts. To that end, we will have a media that must have everything fact-checked and approved before the information can be relayed to the citizens. How refreshing it will be to open a newspaper once again, see a social media post or watch a newscast filled only with truth and the right messages. Positive messages can only beget positive results. This is freedom.

The opportunities are limitless when we all work together under the leadership of the smartest among us, the most justice-minded people, the most compassionate, and the greatest lovers of fairness. With leaders like this making the important decisions, we will all enjoy a new level of freedom and a new kind of liberty that we have never experienced before. 

And when you think about it, though Washington, Jefferson, and old Patrick Henry might not like this better form of freedom, no one really cares, as evidenced by the fact that finally they are being canceled, as are their ideas and thoughts.  

This is what’s coming; just think of the glorious future we can all share in this new age of America.