Many might remember back during the lead-up to the 2018 mid-term elections there were many predicting that a Red Wave was going to take place. We also heard that dozens of sealed indictments were going to be released as sort of an October Surprise. Hinting to us that maybe even Hillary Clinton was going to be facing long overdue justice.

And then we were told that someone called Q-Anon was going to let loose with some information that would shake this country to its core and seal the deal for a Republican victory at the polls.

Unfortunately not a single one of those things happened. No Red Wave, no sealed indictments, and Q-Anon appears to be wishful thinking, a mythological figure created out of people’s imaginations. No superhero in a brightly colored cape saved us from ourselves.

We were out-organized, out-campaigned, and out-voted at the polls, resulting in the take-over of Congress by a Democrat Party out for blood.

To be exact, they want President Trump’s blood, as well as anyone else they can take down with him.  They have never accepted the results of the 2016 election, and never will.

Because of the current circus taking place within the Democrat Party where there seems to be more Democrats running for President than those that aren’t, there again are predictions being bandied about of a Trump landslide in November 2020.

Clearly the Democrat Party is full of a bunch of misfits, buffoons, and circus clowns running for the party’s nomination for President (and the obligatory LBGTQ representative), but that means nothing when it comes down to the actual November 2020 election. Wishful thinking isn’t going to defeat the Democrat candidate, whom all Democrats and the news media will line up behind.

No superhero is going to arrive on the scene in the nick of time to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It’s going to take a full commitment and hard work for us to finally once and for all bring an end to Barack Obama’s goal of the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.

We have to use the Democrat Party playbook, take off the gloves and get our fingernails dirty. We have to use all of the tactics in the Democrat Party’s bag of tricks against them. They have proven again and again over the last six decades at least that they are capable of using whatever tactic or maneuver, both legal and illegal, in order to win elections.

They understand that losing the 2020 election could very well spell the end of them as a major factor in American politics.And they will fight tooth and nail, making whatever outrageous claims of foreign interference or voter suppression they think might work…

…and with voter fraud they will be attacking the integrity of the election for every single office up for grabs across America.

For way too many years, far too many grass roots Republicans and conservatives were content to sit back and stay out of the fray when it came to politics. We did our civic duty and voted, but we were more concerned about taking care of our families, working hard and trying to make a living. As long as something didn’t really impact us too much we paid little attention to it, other than perhaps mumbling under our breath about some boneheaded new ordinance or law. We certainly didn’t run for the local offices that paid little if anything, and took up far too much of one’s time. We simply had better things to do.

Unfortunately for us the liberals in the Democrat party didn’t sit back and not get involved, they ran for those local offices. They took over our school boards, our city and county councils, and even our subdivision and condo associations.

Then all of the sudden our children were reading books like ‘Amy Has Two Mommies’ read to them by Drag Queens in our elementary schools. We no longer could show our patriotism and fly the American flag on our homes, it violated the association’s rules. Restrictions were even put on children’s Lemonade Stands for crying out loud!

We allowed things to get to where they are now, and no hero in a cape is going to change things around. It’s going to come down to us being more committed than the Obamunists and the Democrats are going to be.

Just as for the Democrats, the 2020 election for Republicans will either continue the long journey back to making America great as it once was. Or it will ring the death knell for a once great nation.