We’ve seen the explosion of refugees in Europe and the controversy that ensued here in the states. It was one of the big issues in the 2016 election. Safe-haven for Syrian Refugees and How to Vet Them! Jennifer was the first person to write an international legal article arguing that extremism by organizations like ISIS should be categorized as genocidal campaigns rather than merely attaching the fluid “terrorism” title. She has championed the genocidal designation of the Islamic State (ISIL) from day ONE and continues to fight using international legal principles in order to defeat this murderous ideology.

Jennifer R. Breedon is a legal analyst & attorney specializing in International Criminal Law and First Amendment Laws, as well as human rights issues around the world. She provides legal analysis for areas such as international criminal law, human rights, and religious extremism. Prior to joining Clarion Project, Jennifer worked for a Washington, DC-based nonprofit as the Regional Manager for the Middle East in protecting and communicating with persecuted minorities throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

There are 4 areas President-Elect Donald Trump needs to focus on when he's sworn in:

Iran Deal – must have reasonable alternative-scraping the Deal that slows nuke creation may speed it up.
Continue to reassure our allies. Some comments like “allies should learn to defend themselves” could be worrisome so reassure the most important allies like Israel, that we will always support them.
Dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood. Sisi of Egypt first world leader to congratulate Trump because he is slowly trying to maintain law and order but while the Obama/Hillary administration we're supporting the MB, Sisi's ability to enact stricter change was much for difficult.
Christian genocide issue. We have to do more to protect Christians and Yazidis and he ACTUAL genocide victims rather than continuing he fight over Syrian refugees (99% of which are Muslim and not victims of ongoing genocide).

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