She is full of energy, sharp, organized; she manages the teams, writes the grants, plans the cleanup, does the research. He is a bit quiet, unless he has something to say… has a steady hand, tactical in nature. He runs and maintains the equipment, he is the Vessel Captain.

Meet Chloe and James.

Together they make one incredible team.

A highly spirited couple on a mission of a lifetime. They each recognize the plight of our oceans in their current state, and they’re not happy with what they see. Their concern for the future health of our oceans and our planet are clear once you spend a few minutes with them.

In 2014 they co-founded Ocean Legacy Foundation. In four years, they’ve collected 120k pounds of plastic and marine waste – they recycle almost everything they collect – an estimated 90% of debris is reused.

The story continues on the Brink of Greatness Podcast…

The Next Leap Forward

Chloe and James are not only energized, but they’ve energized teams of people from around the globe who are also passion about the earth that we live in. This is not a political thing, it’s not a democrat, or a republican thing. It’s not a rich or a poor thing. It is a human thing.

It Starts
With a Plastic Bag
It only takes one person
To destroy a habitat

A Life
Full of garbage

Are you
that person
who litters?

Not thinking of where it
would go…

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