In October 2015, I was hired to run a campaign office in Keene, New Hampshire for candidate Donald Trump. I had been volunteering for months previously, I like many Americans knew this was “Custer’s last stand”. This election, was win, or we’re done as a country. Simple as that.

The degradation of our culture was to the point of no return. The Socialists, disguised as Democrats, were anointing their queen bee in 2016, and she would take the baton and finish it off. The shining star of the world would’ve been dimmed for perhaps centuries, or worse, forever.

One cold November day, an elderly gentleman walked into the campaign office. His name was Kenneth Johannsen. I recall Ken being one of those tough old Yankees. You know, the ones who told it like it was. He didn’t care if your feelings were hurt, he was going to tell you exactly what was wrong with this country he loved, this country his family fought for, this country that was dying before his own eyes. And his eyes saw precisely what candidate Trump saw, as did anyone else with any commonsense.

I was moved by Ken’s passion and insight into what Democrats and politicians in general had brought us to. Ken left a letter in my hands that day. It was a letter written to “Honorable Republican Presidential Candidate”. Through the primary, he would travel to see every Republican candidate in the state, just to put this letter in their hands.

I share with you that same letter which Ken put in my hands that cold November day in New Hampshire, 2016:

Honorable Republican Presidential Candidate,

Who am I?

My great grandfather fought in the Danish-Prussian War and lost. He was conscripted into the Prussian Army and won the Franco-Prussian War. He did not want his children to fight in anymore wars, so he sent all of his 9 children to America, starting in 1883.

My grandfather was too old to enter WWI.

My father worked in the milk industry and was exempted because the industry was of vital importance and he did not enter WWII. You would think we are peace activists.

My older brother joined the Army at the time of the Korean War. My younger brother was drafted into the Army, and fought in the Viet Nam War. I decided to join the Air Force, instead of waiting for my number to come up during the Viet Nam War. My son is currently a pilot for the Air Force Reserves and the U.S. Government, flying the C-5.

What I want from our next President.

I never want to see a Leftist President ever again! (Their agenda was known prior to Obama’s election, and it is known prior to this election). The Republican party must fight back against these liberal leftists, and they must be stopped at all cost. The damage the Democrats have done to this country will take a month of Sundays to undo.

His Executive Orders, Obamacare, this nuclear deal, and the law that changed requirements for treaties, all must be overturned. His politicizing of the Department of Justice, Defense, Education, Treasury, and the agencies of the Internal Revenue Service, Homeland Security, National Security, EPA, ICE, HUD, OPM, FTC and VA all must be returned to the Constitutional Requirements that all of the laws must be enforced.

He has doubled the National Debt. What or whoever gave him this power, or let him do this to our country? A trillion dollars, where did this money go? Wasn’t V.P. Biden supposed to give a report on it? No one has been held accountable! Why? For the bailout, Benghazi, IRS. And the Border enforcement. Lerner should go to jail, along with Hillary.

How can the President run this country without even submitting a budget? How can he be allowed to issue 10 million to illegals?

I want the Democratic Party destroyed. I want jobs for Americans. I want a balanced budget requirement in the Constitution! I want the national debt eliminated! I want the military rebuilt to a level just after the Viet Nam War. The power is in the presence of having a military visible. I want the damage that Obama and the Democrats have done rescinded, including Obamacare.

I moved to New Hampshire to escape high taxes. I don’t want to leave the U.S.A. because of the Democratic party. I am disgusted that my family has had military service to support this country. And for what? So, these leftist liberals can give away our money to people who won’t fight for this country, to organizations like Planned Parenthood, etc. Obamacare covers everyone, so why do we have to give money to Planned Parenthood?

Hillary and the people around her should be investigated under the Ricco Statute, which might even include people higher up. Remember the last four Illinois governors went to jail, maybe others should too. Obama should be impeached for not upholding his oath of office. I have taken the same oath four times. Hillary gave us Obama by dropping out of the primary in 2008. Why should anyone reward her now?

I want this country to come together.

Thank you for your time for reading this letter,

Kenneth C. Johannsen
West Swanzey, NH 03469

I came across the letter when I recently moved to Florida. It reminded me of exactly why I, and my team worked 85 hours every week, month after month, traveling the country to assure we did everything we could to win this election.

Politics have gone from bad to worse since then. America is tired, tired of the politics that continue to tear our country in half. Even many moderate Democrats have had enough of their party’s hateful ways. Unfortunately, the Socialist Democrats, the elites of the party, will not stop. And this in of itself, is why President Trump will win again in 2020. Thank God, there are still tens of millions of Kenneth Johannsen’s in America, who represent us, along with the volunteers and conservative activists who still love America for what we represent to the world.

You see, Kenneth Johannsen was you, Kenneth Johannsen was me, Kenneth Johannsen was America in 2016.

May God bless America again in 2020.