Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the manufacturing and release of the coronavirus was a last-ditch effort by a very desperate Deep State. It’s well-known that desperate people do desperate things. The Deep State, DC swamp, United Nations and the mainstream media have done everything in their power to take President Trump down. As 2019 was winding down, the Democrats found themselves left with a bumbling old fool as their Democrat nominee. They knew their chances of winning in 2020 against Trump were nonexistent, and that something drastic had to be done to avoid another four years of Making America Great Again. It’s a slogan that they detest, because it doesn’t fit into their totalitarian-minded globalist agenda which has been in place for decades. 

Halfway through 2015, Donald J. Trump, began a campaign unlike any candidate had ever run before. Then candidate Trump, began pointing out everything that was going wrong with America. The left, from day one, has portrayed Trump as just in egomaniac with a need for power. When I heard my future boss, Donald Trump, speak at a house party in New Hampshire in June 2015, I knew this man was going to win the presidency. Anyone with a thimble of common sense, could see everything he was pointing out was true.

NAFTA, Bill Clinton’s baby, was one of the worst deals for America. So, when candidate Trump began pointing out how America had been sold out by politicians, it was obvious. All you had to do was pay attention. Ford Motor Company was about to build a plant in Mexico. Trump helped Americans see that it wasn’t just Ford motor company, it was hundreds and hundreds of other manufacturing companies leaving as well. They were going overseas due to Obama’s 35% tax on American companies, not to mention the thousands of crippling regulations he had put on American businesses.  

That same month, in June 2015, I had made a commitment to help this man save America. Starting as a volunteer and then hired to run a campaign office in New Hampshire, I stood next to the stage many times and listened to Donald Trump make this statement, “Folks, I don’t need to do this. I have a great business; I have a great family. I don’t see anyone who is going to do what’s needed to fix this country and make America great again.” Soon enough, I found myself running Trump’s ground campaign from New Hampshire to California. I got to view firsthand the devastation of our country, as our New Hampshire Strike Team made a grueling trek across America to help save us from the scourge of Socialism, and the evil of one Hillary Clinton.

The assault on Trump by the mainstream media, was also an assault on America, and her citizens. The left-wing mainstream media in America, as well as the world, has been driven by the Deep State for decades. My last three columns written in 2019, were a series written on the Deep State and the imbedded treachery. From the day that candidate Trump won and became president of the United States, there has been an assault and an agenda to remove him from office in whatever way necessary. As we have come to find out over the past three years, there was a plot to take down a duly elected president, even before he won. The Steele dossier was the first countermeasure instituted by the Deep State to attempt the removal of President Trump. This, along with the Russian hoax, was the first plot to be used in transferring power back to the Deep State, and the Democrat Party in the United States.

One of the most important aspects of winning the presidency, is the ability to choose Supreme Court justices. Why? Because those choices will impact this country for decades to come by the decisions made by the Supreme Court. A hard-court press was put on to keep President Trump’s second choice for Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanagh, from being voted into the position. The Deep State did everything within their power to destroy this man’s reputation, which is not only unfair but shamelessly un-American.

In today’s America, there is no longer the conceding to a win from the other side. There’s only the attempt to change it in whatever fashion necessary. When the Mueller report and the Russian hoax didn’t work, then it was on to phase 2, impeachment of the president. The puppets of Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi began their effort to remove President Trump through an impeachment process. A process which had little to no merit in terms of grounds to stand on. Utilizing their most devious weapon, the mainstream media, they espoused that America would believe their lies. Through God’s good grace, that didn’t work either. 

Now comes the coup to grace. There is absolutely no way that the likes of George Soros and the rest of the Deep State behind him, could accept four more years of Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

With the American economy running like an 8-cylinder Ford Mustang Cobra on steroids, along with the lowest unemployment rate in history, Trump had to be stopped at all cost.

Trump was not supposed to win. The United Nations 20/30 agenda for the takeover of the world under one globalist government, was in serious jeopardy and he could not be victorious.

With only time for one last card to be played, it was time to pull out all the stops, even if it meant the death of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Chinese agents working in a laboratory in Winnipeg Canada developed the coronavirus. Why Chinese agents? Because the Deep State has been behind China as part of their communist agenda to take over the world. I don’t believe it was an accident that our trade deficit with China was over $500 billion before Trump came along.

As the president has pointed out many times, our politicians have been selling us out decade after decade. The Deep State and their hands of Satan, view the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people as simply a consequence to regaining power to the Socialist Democrat Party in America. Once that is done, only then can their power be reinstated. The virus was brought to Wuhan, China and released into the population. The corrupt and socialist led WHO, World Health Organization, did their part for the Deep State. They shut their mouths about the truth and dangers of COVID-19. Instead, they made a statement early on “That the Coronavirus was not transferable from human to human contact”. Why would a reputable, and allegedly professional health group make such a bizarre statement before validating the truth? Because they were told to do so, that’s why. It only makes sense. This allowed the further spread of the disease before alarm bells began going off around the world. 

Unfortunately, it was too late. A world pandemic was now in a state of rage, it was too late to throw water on the fire. Containment would be a long way off and hundreds of thousands of people would lose their lives, all because of power and greed. As we head into the second quarter of 2020, the world economy has ground to a halt. All to the satisfaction of the leaders of the Deep State. People like Bill Gates, George Soros and many other filthy rich socialists around the globe, along with past and present bureaucrats on both sides of the table. Their last-ditch effort has done what the Russia hoax and the impeachment of President Trump couldn’t do, and that was to stop America dead in her tracks.

Now comes the left-wing push to convince America’s citizens that this is all Trump’s fault, “if only he had done something sooner.” Democrat governors are feeling free to stomp on our God given right to attend church and pray. They have halted necessary operations in hospitals, but say abortions are still necessary.

It feels like the earth has been kicked off its axis, but as Christians know, we are not alone in this fight. We will rise up come November and President Trump will be reelected.

The Democrats and the deep State see the American population as stupid and ignorant. They see Trump supporters as obstacles in their way. What they don’t see is that they played their last card much too late. Had they played this coronavirus card three years ago, they might’ve had a chance.

At this point in time, millions of moderate Democrats have seen what the left is all about, and they will be voting for President Trump in November. In 2016 candidate Trump received about 8% of the African-American vote in America. In 2020, projections show upwards of 30% will be voting for Trump. Americans are not stupid people.

President John F. Kennedy was very much like President Trump, in the sense he wanted to see America lead the world. JFK would never have agreed to a globalist mindset. He too, was all about nationalism, and he paid the ultimate price for being so. Don’t think for a moment that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone on that fateful day in November 1963. There is also something else that JFK and President Trump have in common, and that was and is, their ability to inspire people to be great, to feel proud to be an American. To rise up and believe in themselves and understand that the government is in place to work for the people.

John F. Kennedy’s infamous statement of, “don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, coincides with Trump’s, “together, we can Make America Great Again”, are similar in the sense that each showed that they love their country. So does most of America, and that can’t be taken away by a virus.