Viewpoint This Sunday – Nothing to see here friends. No caravans, no invasion, just the Tijuana Mayor crying for help due to a humanitarian crisis at the border that has overrun his community. More media lies, including their newfound outrage in the way that Saudi Arabia deals with citizens who cross them. The common thread you can take from all these top stories is that the News Media Lies, Lies, Lies, and more Lies! BIG SHOW TODAY and every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1 PM on Sunday on Podcast Networks Worldwide. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

Tijuana Claims Crisis. Emails Again? Trump vs Courts

Ilana Freedman, DrRon Martinelli and Patrick Bergy provide the analysis and in-depth discussion on the top stories you need to know:

  • Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis, seeks international help…
  • Ivanka vs Hillary Email Scandal
  • Trump vs Roberts and the 9th Circuit Court
  • James Comey and his Pompous Public Foray
  • JFK Assassination Historical Anniversary

Enough Moral Indignation Over the Saudis

The death and murder of Jamal Khashoggi has received worldwide attention. Attention, the Kingdom was hoping to avoid. What is the role of the United States in policing the actions of foreign governments? You might remember the president of Turkey rounded up thousands of dissidents and had many executed when they challenged his government, should we have intervened then? We’ll take a closer look at the Kingdom and how they do business, as well as our involvement in such matters with Del Wilber and Brian Gould.

Lies, Lies, Lies: The News Media and Their Corrupt Ways

When the media becomes the story, you just have to know that we’ve lost control. The fourth estate is in the midst of a generational change that is changing the media landscape significantly. As audiences continue to shrink; the internet and social media are becoming the new normal where folks get their news and information. Millions of Americans have tired of the political hyperbole, the sensationalism of murder and mayhem, the 24/7 bombardment of repetition of the same stories, the same words, from newscasters on every channel. What is the purpose of this type of media messaging? Is it mind control, political control, or indoctrination? Linda Martinelli and Ava Armstrong are juiced up and ready to set the record straight.

NOV 25th 10 AM EST

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