It is pathetic that a near idiot-savant, a criminal one with a 47-year political career of notable incompetence, now occupies the seat in what was once the most important chair in the free world. In doing so, at a stroke of his pen, a mere ten days after his anointment, China Joe Biden has proceeded to destroy America’s industrial capacity and render President Trump’s economic miracle, with its record high employment numbers, as mere footnotes on the pages of bad ideas (for Marxists). Joe’s efforts are first to trivialize President Trump’s outstanding record of achievement, then push America into the abyss of Socialism. Oh, and we must “unify!”  

But, let’s not kid ourselves, Biden; while he is a sock puppet, he’s their sock puppet. The Marxists have taken control, and they will not let go without a fight, and they fight dirty. Conservatism must be destroyed, along with any hint of President Trump’s prosperity and popularity brought to the corrupted American political scene.

President Trump’s supporters must be re-educated so all Americans can “unify” peacefully under the collective leadership of a government by “experts.” After all, who knows better than these experts?

Then, the problem of the Deep State, the entrenched establishment, remains. To keep their jobs, they will blindly protect the “elites” until they too are deemed superfluous to the cause and fall victim to the gulag and reeducation camp mentality already rising in the ranks of the Democrat-held Congress. 

Why aren’t our ‘Elite’ Republican leaders loudly denouncing the Democrat’s policies from the floor of both houses every day? Who is brave enough to stand with Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga14), and cosign her bill to impeach the imposter criminal, Joe Biden? Who will take the next obvious step and introduce a bill to impeach Kamala Harris, a Marxist trained fifth columnist who has no business in American politics at all. She has proven, as confirmed by California’s odious Willie Brown, that her best role in the revolution was on her back, not waiting in the wings for Joe to kick the traces.

In the meantime, until the dam bursts, China Joe Biden is busy re-inflicting what’s left of our economy with disastrous Chinese friendly trade policies while pretending that diplomacy with Iran will constrain their nuclear designs rather than maintaining Trump’s economic stranglehold on their economy. Of course, that plan is better for peace than what President Trump accomplished with his Middle East deals between Israel and other Arab nations to confront the terrorist nation of Iran. I expect a Middle East war will break out soon if for no other reason than Democrats are in control, and their policies always promote war.

Democrats expect the Military-Industrial complex, ready to sell their amazing new toys, will invigorate the economy. Americans are on to that and won’t want their sons and daughters sent to foreign lands; we shouldn’t be in anyway.

Under Joe, we might remain in Afghanistan for another decade. Why, you ask? To protect their opium production, that is that country’s best GDP source.

And while we’re screwing around with ‘masks’ and who gets the experimental vaccines first, we see a mandated return to affirmative action programs, not for blacks now. Still, for the LGBTQ community, whose very PC presence is an affront to our moral standards. The Left is on a binge drive to neutralize common sense and turn us into Orwell’s citizens of Big Brother while enfranchising Communist China as the world’s economic superpower and sole provider of the world’s leisure products.

Finally, forced into poverty and beholding to the Government for our daily existence, we will have become, as intended, a herd of mindless socialists. 

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!