Extremist hate groups like Sleeping Giants, Media Matters, MoveOn, and Southern Poverty Law Center are intimidating and now bullying the advertisers and sponsors of conservative platforms they disagree with. They do this all in the name of FAIRNESS, or FREE SPEECH, as they’ve convinced themselves that they’re doing some sort of a good deed for the public. They insist on having the last word on what they think is good for the nation and when they don’t get it⏤they get ugly and downright nasty. If these groups had a real argument, they would welcome the process of debate. Freedom of Speech and debate are as American as our national symbol is.

A new group is being formed by Politick Rick, and is fighting back on behalf of every freedom loving American. GIANT SLAYERS is a Patriot Movement that works to stop left-wing censorship of conservative media. Today in part one of our LAUNCH, you’ll meet Politick Rick, and some of the freedom loving warriors that are ready for battle. Joining us along with Rick, is Colleen, Christina and Ray.

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