When I was just a child, I had a great imagination. I was an astronaut one day and a cowboy the next. My friends and I played games where we dressed up like knights of the round table and fought dragons or we went to war to fight for America against her enemies⏤those were great days and we immersed ourselves in it.

When I had children of my own, I played pretend with them as well. Me and my daughter had tea parties with the finest ladies and gentlemen and the magic of Harry Potter came alive as me and my son cast spells and waived wands to change our reality, these were great days as well.

What both my own experience and the experiences I had with my kids had in common was that it was all pretend, all make believe, and we knew it. We created a world of fantasy and danger, fun and excitement and we took on roles that we could not in real life, to be something we might have really wanted to be but knew that we were just wearing a costume and playing a part no matter how badly we wanted the make believe to be real.

In other words, we were sane.

In our modern world I see a lot of pretend and make believe going on as well, only the people pretending now really believe that if they just want some alternate reality bad enough and if they demand the rest of us ignore reality and believe along with them⏤whatever they believe or are pretending will be real. That is insane.

I am, of course, speaking about the people in our world that believe everyone would just get along if we all just talked or hugged or spent time in a crying room or safe space. That God and evil are only myths made up by past generations to control them and stop their fun.

I am talking about the people in our modern world who believe it’s a good idea to allow an alligator on an airplane as a comfort animal because someone thinks that will be good for them⏤the rest of us be damned. Or those among us who see danger in the world and call it out as good; terrorists come to mind, you know the people that say they will destroy us and our ally’s to make room for their beliefs. Like the members of the “Squad”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar who see parity and equality between Israeli actions while fighting for its life and those of Hamas and other terrorist organizations that engage in unprovoked attacks on Israeli civilians on an almost daily basis. To see equality between these two groups you must be living in a world of make believe, you must be pretending. And there are others as well….

The people among us who saw our very own US Intelligence agencies and the FBI corrupt every ideal of justice and fair play as they rigged an election for Hillary Clinton and attacked an American citizen, Donald Trump, and did so believing they would get away with it. What’s worse is now that enough of the facts have come out to reveal very clearly that this was a conjured up hoax from the beginning, yet they still assert that it is all true⏤Trump colluded!

To see the moon and insist it is made of cheese is delusional.

There are people who believe if we take away the guns of law abiding citizens we will all be safer; that criminals will follow the law and turn in their guns as well.

There are people pretending that the constant drum beat of anti-police rhetoric does not lead to attacks on the police in the streets, ambushes or resisting arrest incidents. Those same people believe and pretend that arguing with the police out on the street is your right and the best way to handle an interaction with law enforcement. They don’t see what their world of make believe is doing to our larger society.

Political correctness is built on this world of make believe. An example is displayed here- We see a man with a red car, but the man does not like the red car for whatever reasons and he believes his life would be better if his car was green so he says his car is green. For most sane individuals we might correct the man, “I’m sorry sir but your car is actually red” we might say this not because we hate the man or want to impose our color scheme of beliefs on his, but rather because we are trying to help him see the truth. But the man “Feels” his car is really green, he really wants his car to be green no matter the facts and states so, and then demands that we acknowledge that this car is green even if our own eyes tell us it is red.   

In years gone by this man would have been considered at a disadvantage for existing in this shadowy world of make believe and self-imposed delusion, society would do what it could to help him see clearly and try to understand the reasoning for needing his car to be green, but still insist that he accept the truth⏤his car is red.

But… In our modern society it is we, the people who see the car for what it actually is, a red car, who would be chastised, belittled, called terrible names and derided as “hateful” for not accepting that the man can decide if his car is red or green as he chooses, the facts be damned.

The color of the car is irrelevant to what the man believes so therefore what he believes becomes reality for him and those people who are willing to live in the delusion with him. For most of us it would stop right there. What color the man believes his car is has no relevance to us in our lives and does not affect us⏤we would just let it go.

But in the world of political correctness, we don’t get to simply move on. The PC police will insist that we acknowledge that the man’s car is green, we defy them at our peril. They will tell our bosses of our hatred of the man and his car, they will protest our homes and shout us down and out of public places so we feel the pain of our hatred.

This is the danger of political correctness, it is not about tolerance, it is about conformity and shaping reality to meet a need, far removed from truth and the reality they claim to desire. 

If we were to make an accounting of the various politically correct things many of us see every day and know how utterly absurd they are⏤the list would be pages long, and yet there is a huge segment of the population and the media that willingly enter into the delusion in the name of “openness, caring, acceptance and tolerance” without seeing the tyranny at the heart of PC thinking. This is both detrimental and dangerous not only to those of us who live in the bright light of the real world, but also for those souls that cannot find peace anywhere else but in a world of make believe.

Our modern world is capable of great compassion and there is a place for everyone, but that world is not created by demanding we all believe the delusion of others and state so publicly or face consequences. That is a dark world of deceit.

Playing cowboys and having tea parties with queens and dukes are the things of childhood and fun. Political correctness is a burden on everyone and a weight that is dragging the country down.

It is here that true resistance should be practiced.