The Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, sounds like a fairly benign group doesn’t it? After all, using the words poverty and law in the same title makes it seem as though they’re probably fighting for the poor and innocent. Sadly, they are just the opposite. They are a Left-wing hate group who have ruined or attempted to ruin many good people and organizations, for the simple fact they don’t align with the agenda of the SPLC.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Trump, Ben Carson, was one of those people. You may recall, Dr. Ben Carson was a presidential candidate during the 2016 election. He’s also a renowned brain surgeon and highly respected in all he does. In 2014, the SPLC placed Dr. Ben Carson on its “extremist watch list”, alongside neo-Nazis and white supremacists. The group later removed him and apologized after quite an uproar. Dr. Carson is one of the most gentle, kind and God loving people walking the planet.

The SPLC is an American nonprofit legal advocacy organization who specializes in civil rights and public interest litigation, so they claim. They were founded in 1971 in Montgomery, Alabama as a civil rights law firm. They remind us of the ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union. Another Left-wing organization of lawyers, who hate Christian values and the conservative way of life. These are the ones who left-wing lawyers have run to for decades when someone is offended by baby Jesus displayed on the town hall lawn. Along with any and all politically correct grievances some liberal democrat brings to them. Just like the ACLU, there was a time when they stood for a good cause, back in the 70’s and 80’s. They began a litigation strategy of filing civil suits for monetary damages on behalf of the victims of violence from the Ku Klux Klan for example. They fought against racial segregation and discrimination.

The SPLC’s classification of hate groups and extremists have often been described as authoritative. Some of their listings have been over-broad, politically motivated or unwarranted. In 2018, the SPLC added a number of self-described men’s rights groups, to their list of hate groups. Some of these were A Voice for Men, and Return of Kings, describing them as “male supremacist”. Their website actually has a map where they track hate groups across the United States. 

The irony, is most of them are churches. They’re on the list as “anti-LGBT”. Basically, if you’re a Christian group, church or a constitutionalist, you’re considered to be full of hatred.

There’s very little common sense on the Left. Many of today’s politicians and Left leaning socialists don’t have an ounce of commonsense.

It’s become all about the individual struggle, and how that supersedes what’s best for all. It ignores the sensible theme of majority rules. Historically, it’s always been what’s best for all, not what’s best for one. Life isn’t fair, and you can’t make it so. Organizations like the SPLC and the ACLU are partially intent on making life fair for everyone, and it’s not reality. The SPLC has strayed away from their roots of helping the down trodden and have become a progressive organization. They’ve become the antithesis of their foundation, an anti-conservative, anti-Christian group accused of harboring systemic racism.

The SPLC wheels have been falling off the wagon for the past few years, culminating with the firing of 82-year-old Cofounder Morris Dees last month. Apparently, many women on staff were warned about being alone with Dees. Several employees reportedly signed a letter stating, “sexual harassment, allegations of mistreatment, gender discrimination and racism threaten the moral authority of the organization”. To show just how bad things have become, Twitter recently dropped the SPLC as a member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, which was to fight “hateful conduct and harassment” on the social media site. Since Dees co-founded the group in the year 1971, I think it’s safe to say, he was likely a hippie from the sixties. As most of this group did, he turned radically Left. And as many of the Democratic Socialist of today, has grown to hate America and its foundation of Christian values and conservatism.

So, while the SPLC portrays to fight for justice in public, it has dwarfed into just another Left-wing hate group. If you’re a Christian or conservative group, you’re on the target list. But they don’t stop there. Even black employees were targets of racism and slander. Said Christine Lee, a Harvard Law School graduate and 1989 SPLC legal intern. “The organization had a way of talking about black people that hasn’t – I don’t think been – done in 30 or 40 years”. Another employee, former SPLC senior fellow Mark Potok stated, “our aim in life was to destroy these groups, completely destroy them”. How grand and non-American can you get.

We used to be a country where having a difference of opinion was good, agree to disagree. Not anymore, the radical Left has a need to destroy anyone who disagrees with their grand ideology.

The SPLC takes in nearly half a billion dollars a year in contributions. These funds are mostly used to exacerbate hatred toward others that don’t align with their perverse ideology. And the mainstream media doesn’t report a word of it. As with most things which are derived from a basis of hatred and evil, they are now withering on the proverbial vine. From a conservative Christian perspective, good riddance.