The difference between vote tallies on Election Day and the new data from mail-in votes after the fact is nothing short of stunning. Media outlets have set a false expectation that Joe Biden would be the victor of this presidential race, using false polls and phony storylines to push their agenda, while Joe Biden hid in his bunker-basement throughout the presidential campaign.

Called the “Hammer” and another application that works with the “Hammer” called “Scorecard”. Hammer does a lot of things, including crawling up computers and downloading files without a user ever knowing it. Scorecard can change vote totals on the fly. Was 3% of the vote totals changed as voting was placed on hold? Kirk Wiebe believes the illegal SCORECARD program involved stealing votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and others. While this was happening, media outlets and tech giants began hiding the blowback. Why? 

Kirk Wiebe, U.S. Air Force Security Service; Retired National Security Agency; NSA Whistleblower. Kirk worked as a senior analyst at the NSA from 1975 to 2001.

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A Constitutional Crisis | We will discuss with General McInerney the various methods that were in play to potentially steal the 2020 election. What part might this ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ have played in the election scandal? Is this a Constitutional Crisis, or is this being overstated? What are the next steps?

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General and has been at the forefront of some of these recent developments.

Voter Fraud and More Distractions | The rumblings of corruption within the Democrat Party began long before the faulty election of 2020. They began before the Mueller investigation into the Russia-Russia scandal. They began before Joe Biden bragged on an open mic that he had extorted the Ukraine government. The truth is, the corruption in the Democrat Party has been going on for a very long time. But it has never been worse or uglier or more blatant than it is right now.

Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst, political commentator, and host of The Freedman Report.

Join us for Hour 2 with a new episode of VIEWPOINT PRESENTS. Electoral College’s Final Say, Election Fraud, A Senate in Play – In Episode 15 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns, the first since last Tuesday’s general election, Malcolm and Michael return to detail what appears to be credible allegations of electoral fraud and technical and human errors that they believe leave the outcome still very much in question.

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