Not many presidents or vice presidents have a group of federal prisoners named after them. In fact, there are none that I can find. But there is one vice-president that does: Joe Biden. That tends to happen when you are so corrupt that four years after you have left office, there are still lives being ruined by your reign of corruption. We don’t need to look any further than the Biden family itself to see that corruption is something that is in the Biden DNA. But that’s not what I’m writing to you about today. I would like to take a deeper dive into the four men who are sitting in federal prisons around this country right now who were put there by Joe Biden. 

Sounds crazy, right? Well, this Youtube video says it all. You see, in 2007 a group of US military veterans were in Iraq providing security for US diplomats. These men are now called the Biden Four. Car bombs are called Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Devices, or VBIED, in military lingo. We pronounce it “vee-bid.” I think we came up with that acronym to make it seem a little more civil to us. The US is always trying to make chaos and evil into something we can understand. The truth is, there is no understanding why terrorists kill and maim innocent people the way they do. Nothing about them or their tactics make sense. The only thing that matters to Americans is stopping them and protecting the innocent. 

The mission that sent the Biden Four to prison was just that: protecting the innocent. A senior US diplomat was being driven on a convoy through a nasty part of Iraq, and the terrorists saw that as an opportunity. The Biden Four were called in to protect the diplomat. All across the Middle East, VBIEDs had been used to kill because their explosive blasts kill and scorch more men, women, and children than any other bomb. Terrorists figured out they could fit quite a bit of explosive material into a vehicle; these vehicles became deadly missiles, carrying death and destruction to anyone who was unlucky enough to be anywhere near it when it exploded. The Biden Four were hardened combat veterans of the World’s Greatest Military; they knew exactly what threat these VBIEDs represented. 

When the Biden Four arrived at the scene, their job was to set up a security perimeter that would keep the State Department official safe. Suddenly, a car careened toward the Biden Four. This car fit all the same descriptors as recent VBIEDs in the area. That alone did not allow the men to shoot at it. But when it refused to stop and continued straight toward the men, they were faced with a life or death decision. Seconds seemed like hours. Live or die. The Biden Four shot and killed the occupants of the car. 

A US Army captain was dispatched to initially investigate the scene. He made the assessment that the Biden Four acted appropriately. But then, something strange and unprecedented happened. The Pentagon told the Iraqi authorities to investigate the incident without American help. In an incredible display of “hung out to dry,” the United States Government handed over the fate of four of its own citizens to the Iranian puppet of an Iraqi government. Perhaps even more shockingly, the Iraqi general himself had close ties to the Iran regime, and the US knew about it. 

Years after the Biden Four were sent to federal prison, a federal judge ordered a new trial, citing a lack of good evidence. These are four Americans who signed up to continue their service to their country even after they’d hung their uniforms up, after all. If they don’t deserve a fair trial, who does?

But Vice President Joe Biden was having none of this fairness mandated by the Constitution. He high tailed it to Iraq to assure the president of Iraq that the United States would make sure to put these guys in prison. So much for an independent judiciary. 

Here is what we learned by this whole deal: when the Vice President of the United States says he wants someone to go to federal prison, they go to federal prison. If that does not infuriate you, nothing will. This could be any one of us. It could be you next. I urge you to call upon your congressmen and demand they join the Justice for Warriors Caucus in Washington and demand these four veterans be set free. Every day these men are in prison, Joe Biden’s reign of corruption continues. 

Image: Sun Times via AP