I cannot ever recall witnessing such a screw-up as the Democrat party is becoming, not just in their Iowa caucus debacle, but as far back as Obama’s attempt to set up an Obamacare App network that completely failed⏤except that Michelle Obama’s friends company earned $8 billion dollar for the attempt⏤to the treasonous coup plot to create a false narrative of Russian Collusion against Trump the winner of the 2016 election⏤to the unrealized slap-stick style comedy special that the House Democrats launched to impeach the President for doing his job.

Now of course, we have the Iowa fiasco or, do we?

The Democrat Iowa caucus, supposedly employing an untested electric data vote count system to identify the Democrat candidate most capable of challenging Donald Trump in 2020, failed completely.

They painted themselves as a caucus of clowns but worse, they cost the networks thousands and thousands of dollars in salaries, hotels, transportation and food, just to cover the once important event that became the debacle that was this decades Iowa caucus. Or was it? 

Looking ahead, and I’m just supposing mind you, the odds on favorite for Democrats is apparently Bernie Sanders, a Stalinist style Socialist of the first order that the Iowa caucus would have clearly shown. But the party Democrats don’t want him. They screwed him out of his due against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the old Stalinist isn’t going to let that happen again. 

Therefore, one must ask, was the Iowa fiasco a deliberate sabotage to deny Bernie his first victory momentum? We know the Democrats are ruthless. They lie, cheat and steal. We know the Clinton campaign bought Bernie a mansion somewhere, to buy him off from his electoral disappointment and keep him under observation hoping the old fool would die before 2020.  

For Democrats, under the circumstances, it would appear the Iowa Caucus picks losers not winners. That would include Joe Biden. Iowa’s Democrat precinct workers should be mortified for what the party has done to them, wasted their time and efforts hitting the streets, knocking on doors and passing out candidate flyers. All wasted! I suspect the future need no longer look to Iowa as a reliable precursor of who may become the Democrats national candidate for President anymore. It’s all a scam! 

The national Democrat party organization is in disarray. Thinking that when they won the House in 2018 put them in the ‘cat-bird’ seat and they would control the political narrative. The reality is that they couldn’t organize a Democrat plan for America except to get rid of that awful Trump. Fresh faces in the Democrat controlled House are young millennials who look at Nancy Pelosi, as a has-been of no future consequence to what they want America to become. The AOC crowd are not left leaning moderates, but full-fledged Progressive Socialists of the Bernie Sanders mode, who are not afraid of Pelosi or her programs. Watch what happens!

The on stage performance of the two certified nincompoops, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, has shown America just how low the Democrat party has sunk. Nothing for America except empty promises, a hatred of our President and a promise to make America miserable again. 

The Democrat party is dissolving before our eyes. It will divide into two party’s, the mediocre moderate party it has become and a far Left-wing Socialist party, armed by the Antifa fools, who are determined to skip the transition period from socialism to communism and go straight to fascism and totalitarianism.

Right now, the Party doesn’t want to go AOC’s way. The battle is on.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: AP