First off, what is magnificence and why are you entitled to it?

Historical Source of the word Magnificence:

A title given to a monarch or other distinguished person, used in addressing them.

Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin magnificent- ‘making great’, based on magnus ‘great’.

Only royalty is magnificent? Why? Because they are born into it.

What about nature? A mountain, a sunset a waterfall, a tiger all earn the title of magnificence. But why?

A tiger didn’t paint it’s own strips.

The earth spinning around the sun just naturally creates a sunset.

The mountain has just stood there.

Why are they magnificent?
They. Just. Are.

What separates us from this magnificent Nature?

Did we earn being born?

Did we really “do” anything?

Or perhaps is something magnificent orchestrating magnificent things that we get to participate in?

We somehow won the lottery of existing, but because we didn’t do anything to exist we do not value it. When people win the lottery they value the money because they have to work for it. The value is transactional.

Most of the people on the planet that are unhappy waste their time wishing they were different or that they had more or had what that person had or ‘if only’ this and ‘when this happens’ that.

Then they wonder why they are anxious or depressed?

Even with their intelligent emotions attempting to tell them they are thinking the wrong thoughts, and focusing on the wrong things, they just medicate and keep going. Most people keep believing the lies in their head that they are not enough, and they need to do something to change in order to earn love and be happy. 

Here’s what we’ve done. We’ve made our innate birthright conditional.

Conditions like:

  • How our body looks
  • Our career 
  • What we have
  • Our accomplishments
  • What we do
  • What we don’t do
  • What people think
  • Our social status or social media likes

What about who we are? 

Our sheer existence in a magnificent universe might be all we need as proof of our worth.

Seriously though.

You are being breathed.

You are held softly into place by gravity but can also have the freedom to jump, walk or run.

You have plants and trees making oxygen for you.

You have food being created for you.

You have rain falling down for you.

Everything fundamental is being done for you, no matter what you do or do not do, so of course you deserve it, and never needed to earn it.

This is what I call healthy entitlement. 

Healthy entitlement sounds like this, 

“Of course I am enough, of course I am worthy, because I am here. I exist there I am enough.”

It does not mean you are more worthy than another, nor less, it means we all recognize everyone has innate magnificence, or in other words divinity. Which is what the now trendy saying “Namaste” means, I see the divinity in you. I also like to say “Memaste” I see the divinity in me.

This thing called living in a body, on a planet in a universe is a magnificent lottery we’ve all won.

Only humans have been so dumb to use their cleverness and freewill to decide they are not enough, and spend their lives striving, climbing, fighting and convincing they are enough.

Only to die and realize, you were always, already enough.

I hope you will decide this for your self too. You are enough NOW. Just because. And with all that freed up energy from not pretending, hiding, convincing or striving, who do you want to be while you are here? What do you want to create? Who do you want to help, serve, or impact with your existence?

Who do you want to BE?