IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 – 

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America 

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

These words launched the original experiment in self-government and the birth of the greatest nation on earth, America. There is a simplicity to the words that leaves no mistake as to their meaning and the intent of the writers. 

These were people who had lived under the system that they belonged to until the system became not only unacceptable, but intolerable. The men and women of that age had great decisions to make and pondered the consequences of their decisions; those most notably being, death for treason to the king.

We all know how this came out, the people, the original patriots choose to live standing up on their own rather than kneeling before tyranny. They sacrificed in ways we cannot imagine as we look at their efforts through the dim lens of history books and statues. They bled real blood and lost real people in the struggle. The financial cost was enormous as well, depleting many of their family fortunes and savings. Once the journey had begun, they had no choice to but to win or die. 

In our age it’s hard to believe we could find such men and women again, patriots willing to sacrifice everything for freedom and liberty, especially considering the people we call fellow citizens who have dedicated themselves to the destruction of this great nation. Their desire is not just figurative or rhetorical, theirs are blood plans, plans of action, destruction, and killing. And to be sure they have begun their journey to the place where America is humbled, driven to her knees and executed to the cries of the mob- “Viva Revolution”.

They have begun their war; we may just be too afraid to see it.

The clear and present evidence for this war can be found in the smoldering ruins of countless businesses, the taking of streets by the mob who declare it their sovereign territory, and the corpses of the innocent who pay for the perceived sins of the old world with their lives. 

We can see very clear the voiding of our rights one by one. First it is speech, the lynch pin of freedom. We have been silenced not just by the mobs in the street, but by the cowards who have acquiesced to the threats made by the mob in an attempt to prevent suffering the same fate as those who speak up. The new and accepted speech codes that restrict truth to the definitions promulgated by the aggressors make the previous incarnations of political correctness pale in comparison.

In a time not so long ago the person who dared speak truth or even offer a different opinion was criticized and belittled for their thoughts and maybe called a name or kept from attending a party, but today the punishment has teeth, and bullets and flames. Now silence is demanded if you disagree with the dogma of the mob, tomorrow I fear it will demand the removal of your tongue if it offends the new masters of truth. The day after tomorrow will be worse, they will attack you for your thoughts and deliver the proper punishment for anyone who does not think correctly.

I wish I could say this piece is just a dark tale written for a dystopian novel, that the things I see with my own eyes are nothing more than excited utterances based on this moment in time with its chaos and confusion, political upheaval and fear. I wish I could say that, but intellect and a knowledge of human nature will not allow such fantasy, the truth is we are on the verge of a new age.

This new age will be one to challenge freedom and liberty, personal and societal. It will require sacrifice once again as the wheel of time has come full circle and the bell is going to toll. The only real question is when does that bell toll?

Our existence and the rise in pressure among all of us has been building to this point for many years. Much like the moving plates of the earth, over time the pressure builds and is then released in a volcanic explosion that destroys. In most cases the destruction is felt locally and eventually there is a healing of the ground and a reset to normal, but in due time, revealed in a knowledge of history, there is an event that is not like the others, there is building stress that cannot be sated by small releases. In this event there is a cataclysmic eruption that is felt around the world and plunges it into darkness.

In our case this pressure that has been building and shows no signs of receding, it is growing. And much like the analogy of the volcanic eruption, we cannot know exactly when the final moment will come, when the “no going back” sequence has initiated, but we know it is inevitable. Such is our state today, and our world as the evidence for this global calamity can be seen there as well.

When the American people are not just divided in thought or understanding, but in the very nature of who we are as a people and a nation, we are truly in a dangerous place; such is where the seeds of revolution are sowed.

But what revolution you may ask? Will it be a classic revolution of the people versus the government or will it be something different? I believe it will be something different indeed, a new genre of revolution, just as deadly and destructive as its milder cousins, but with new twists in who the combatants are and how they fight.

This coming revolution will not be the people versus the government as the historical lessons teach, this one will be between the people themselves. One side will be traditional, God fearing constitutional Americans who see liberty and freedom as the be all and end all of civil life and those who see socialism and communism as the ultimate home of humanity.

These two sides have no choice but to square off and have at it, we are that divided along these lines, the evidence is clear. The rhetoric of both sides is already engaged in open warfare, most of the media has chosen sides and promotes only that which lends itself to the destruction of liberty and the diminution of personal freedom in the name of utilitarian fairness at all costs.

The debate of ideas and opinion, once the cornerstone of democratic process, is slowly being identified as hate speech if you are on the wrong side on the approved conversation and there is a punishment for bucking the dogma of the day.       

We see those punishments in the form of people losing their jobs for voicing an opinion that doesn’t meet the standard of the day or can be concocted without analysis as hate speech or the attempt to assume a higher position then others. This attack on free speech is the first necessary step in the march to totalitarianism. He who controls the conversation, controls the thoughts and actions of the society. 

A question we must ask about this coming revolution involves the position of the actual government, the democratic republic we have in place and the people who populate its ranks and wield its powers. What side will they come down on in the battle for liberty?

This question at one time would have seemed absurd on its face, but not today, not in our world. Today we have entire parties dedicated to the remaking of America, the removal of the constitution as the guiding principles of our nation, the beating back of law and order as a tool for change and a civil society in favor of chaos. Hypocrisy is a virtue in this upside-down world gone mad and we are all subject to the madness. 

We cannot know which of the weak and spineless politicians we call leaders will actually take on the cause of freedom if it threatens their status or position. We see this evidence every day in how they behave and how they see us and our value. We are merely fodder to keep them in power, the fact that this is a reality points to the fragility of our current state of affairs and our hold on freedom. The new political correctness seemingly has more power than our combined desire to maintain our country, which will fall if a new generation of patriots does not step up and accept the challenge of our times.      

Can a case for war be made?

Most certainly it can and may have to be.

If we the people do not make the decision to preserve our nation, our liberties, rights and our constitution, there are others who will make that decision for us without batting an eye. Our leaders, with few exceptions have abandon us and left us to our own devices. Our destiny it seems is in our own hands. 

The winners of any conflict make the rules and decide the fate of the losers. If liberty and justice prevails there will be forgiveness and mercy for the enemy, but if tyranny is victorious there will be punishment and pain, the stakes are clear.

How then will this next revolution take shape and engages us? We must keep watching as the truth is there for us to see, we must be vigilant and prepared if we are so called to take our part in the history of America in a tangible way.    

History provides us with the roadmap, time will provide us with the conflict, it is only our hearts, minds and souls that will provide the ability to prevent the storm that is coming.