Muslims are fighting and winning for their religious rights to broadcast 5 times a day, their hauntingly eerie “Call to Prayer,” throughout the cities and towns of America. Muslims rebutting that Christians ring the sounds of Church bells for their weekly call to prayer and that by living in America also affords them Constitutional rights.

Recently, the city of Paterson, New Jersey which is populated by a dozen Islamic Mosques and an average of 30,000 Muslims, will be casting over the loud speaker the call to prayer. Councilman Shahin Khalique proposed the ordinance as an amendment to the existing noise control ordinance.

“A proposed ordinance before the City Council will allow mosques in Paterson NJ to broadcast the Adhan or the Muslim call to prayer. Under the ordinance, mosques will be allowed to use loudspeakers to announce the call to prayer during a 16-hour span. The ordinance states: The city shall permit “Adhan,” call to prayer, church bells and other reasonable means of announcing religious meetings to be amplified between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, for duration not to exceed five minutes.” – Jihad Watch, Feb, 21, 2020.

This controversial New Jersey Masjid Omar Mosque, located at 501 Getty Ave. Paterson, NJ, 07503, is also tied to the likes of the 9/11, Jihadist, murderer, Sayfullo Saipov, who killed 8 and injured 12 people, reportedly worshiped and allegedly held radical ties within this Mosque and yet Muslims are aggravated because this NJ Mosque, is and has been under continual watch by the NYPD.

The people of Paterson NJ are being conquered and don’t realize through their tolerance and apathy, and are inviting their own destruction, Islam will bring nothing new or better to Paterson, quite the contrary.

This is a blatant everyday reminder of Islam’s dominance, soon the population will become accustomed to the noise and tune it out but then the Muslims will begin asking for more, this is how the playbook goes. Islam has an over 1400 year history of subsuming populations.

So much has changed in America since 9/11, one of the greatest, most egregious tragedies to strike our Judeo-Christian nation.

It was at this time that the military and political narratives were written and we were off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan which lasted two decades and cost our nation the souls of over 2,400 men and women, not to mention those who were killed during the shocking attack in the twin towers, the Pentagon and hijacked United Airlines flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, all that pain and suffering that multiplied over and over again by the grieving family members of these great Americans.

It was through the 9/11 attacks that foreign and domestic terrorists moved out of their shadows with audacity and precision, presenting to Americans and all the world to witness, just who they were, and what their position was all along as they waged war against defenseless American citizens on this sovereign land, radically weaponizing from their coalition of alphabet and government platforms with titles, their anti-American agenda.

Most of us know today, what we didn’t know to connect then, we hadn’t used the terms of false flags so fluently, yet through the past two decades a different pattern and canvas has emerged, we see that the foreign terrorists were aided and abetted through the radical domestic entities working deep within the trusted national securities of our governments once trusted agencies.

We have also learned that through the Afghanistan war, our government aided and abetted the radical terrorists with the support of American ring knocker leadership within our military and political arenas.

It was American tax dollars “misused” to rebuild the Mosques in this foreign war torn Taliban, gun and drug running country, while our own Veterans and Americans went without food and shelter and medical support by the likes of former executive leadership of the Bush and Obama administrations.

And then you question the hearts and minds of Americans who are guarded against the religious movements of Muslims encroaching their cultures upon the Judeo-Christian created country of America?!?

Today, all of Europe warns us of this radical take over⏤proclaimed under the false religious narrative, and growing across cities in America. Be sure, that Sharia crept into America during the past sixty years and was only magnified through the Bush, Clinton, Bush offices growing expediential wings during the former 44th Obama administration.

Americans need to stand up and push back any and all attempts by foreign and domestic terrorists. It is the oath of all government officials who swear to preserve and protect our Constitutional rights which are under constant attack by those trying to hijack our nation and its people’s sovereignty.

The greatest weapon against tyranny is the fighting spirit of an American patriot.

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