“I’m really trying to process this. It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.” Mayor Cheryl Selby of Olympia, Washington.

Wow! Another epiphany from Washington State, Police Chief Carmen Best who had an epiphany that police work will never be the same and of course the Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkin is still inside her epiphany that the CHAZ/ CHOP zone is a block party.

How is it that these women, elected by the people in Washington State, fail to see the realities that we everyday American people see? All their behaviors and policies of being soft on crime, tolerating ANTIFA and BLM in their cities in recent years, handcuffing police from being able to do their jobs, releasing criminals and harboring illegals⏤led to a predictable outcome. In addition to these three, is Washington Governor Jay Inslee who is so far over his head and unable to maintain control in his state. I’m not sure he even understands the rule of law.

Mayor Selby was perfectly fine with all the protests, despite the looting, the property damage, the effects on residents and businesses until her own home was vandalized. Then it became personal. Is this what it takes?

It seems to be okay with many politicians to watch the protests and excuse the behavior of street thugs tagging businesses and public and private property; burning, looting, assaulting people under the false narrative that it is about Black Lives Matter and George Floyd. It is okay for YOUR property to be destroyed, stolen, defaced⏤however, when it apparently happens to them, then it becomes domestic terrorism.

To watch Mayor Durkin and Chief Best play to the worst of us; to watch them have their police force abandon their Precinct and refuse service calls inside an area unlawfully seized under their noses and capitulate to the demands of AR-15 toting rappers and thugs is just an unbelievable situation. Business owners, residents and duly sworn law enforcement officers can do nothing.

I prophesized that the the next place the chaos would spread would be Portland; a rubber stamp of Seattle, and it did. Same reasons, same results, except that Portland saw what the results of inaction were and is fighting back against the insurrection, for now.

Across this country we are seeing what the Democrat politicians have done to America by emasculating our police, releasing criminals, enacting no bail policies, sanctuary cities and criminal coddling.

Case in point; I watched in horror as a career criminal, Raymond Arroyo, with over 100 arrests, walked past a 92 year old woman and sucker punched her in the face causing her to fall and hit her head on a fire hydrant. Why was he not incarcerated for his 103 previous crimes?

I see hundreds of police officers leaving their jobs due to the lack of support from the community and their supervisors. I see departments being defunded and Police Guilds being kicked out of labor organizations. I have seen over 600 police officers become the victims of violence and murder in the past few weeks, yet the false narrative stands for the lemmings that refuse to look at the factual statistics in uses of force.

I am so frustrated with those Americans and those politicians who ignore the facts and react to a story that is made up to stoke the fires that will move our country far left toward Marxism.

For every bad cop, there are a thousand good cops. Good supervisors can recognize cops with behavior issues and should deal with them before a case like George Floyd can occur. Police come from the communities they serve. They reflect the diversity of those communities. Cops save lives every day a thousand times over. Look at the officer who saved an 11-month-old boy during a protest from choking to death on a coin. One of so many saved each day. Police Officers are not a racist brutal group of men and women but people that put their lives on the line every single day to help the public. They do it admirably and for peanuts in pay.

The false narrative is perpetuated by those who want to commit crimes and not be held accountable; by naïve and ignorant politicians, and media⏤each with their own agenda. You cannot look at the true statistics about officer involved uses of force and hold these beliefs. You cannot look at the unbiased facts about who commits crimes and their behaviors when confronted and say that it is the police that are racist and brutal. To be that irresponsible and gutless as a person in the media or in a position of power is both ignorant and dangerous.

All of the politicians releasing criminals, coddling protestors, allowing the false narratives to live and breathe, while citizens have their businesses vandalized, looted, burned and lose their livelihoods or their lives, I want to know, what will it take? Will you be Mayor Cheryl Selby, who waits for an epiphany when those same people she has coddled violate the sanctity of her home? It could be worse, and it will be worse as we refuse to stand up to the false narratives and support all that is right about our law enforcement officers and the rule of law and protect society from lawlessness. No one group can be more equal than another. This is not about color; it is about behavior. Every encounter started with someone doing something wrong and/or unlawful.

To be sure, there are vestiges of racism in all races, not only as we are told, white on black, there is black on white and every other type under the sun, but it is not a prevalent issue. It is behavior that is the issue.

Our country is a melting pot and that is what we love about America. What we should not be fine with is bad behavior, dangerous behavior, criminal behavior, harmful or intolerant behavior.

I believe the police address behavior, and I believe that politicians and protesters address race. That helps no one of any race. For the politicians to sit in their ivory towers with their security as they remove those good men and women who provide the rest of our security will lead to anarchy. People will take the law into their own hands to protect their loved ones and livelihoods.

Americans are arming themselves in record numbers. All those far left liberal politicians need to grow a pair and have the fortitude to stand up to the thugs in the streets terrorizing our communities because they are uninformed, ignorant and cowardly. How are the residents of liberally run cities liking where they live now? Give me the rule of law and a strong police department who are well trained, well-funded and well managed any day. When the thugs come after your house and family perhaps your epiphany will finally arrive.

Image: AP