Every criminal investigation begins with the belief that a crime has been committed. That belief comes to an investigator from a victim who experienced the crime, from a witness who saw or otherwise knows about the crime or sometimes it comes from an informant or an anonymous source.

Once the investigator gets the initial report of a crime, they will conduct an analysis of the information and where it came from to decide as to the veracity of the report.

Seasoned investigators know that just because a report comes in, no matter the source of the report, it has to be vetted because you know that people will lie for all kinds of reasons. People lie for financial gain, revenge, to move suspicion away from themselves or to other wise cause a problem for another person.

All of these motives must be examined closely before a full-on criminal investigation can begin, after all, the mechanics of a criminal investigation involve many hours of police work, the use of other resources and the difficulty an investigation can cause to the person that is the subject of the investigation. Just running amok to investigate rumors is not appropriate and unprofessional.

When vetting a possible informant there are many steps to be taken:

  • Complete background check of the informant to include motive for cooperation
  • Contact with anyone the informant has worked with before to find out how reliable they are and if they have provided good information in the past
  • Find out if they are involved with any other law enforcement agencies and why?
  • Are they trying to work off charges or gain some type of consideration for pending charges?
  • What is their relationship to the target of the investigation?
  • What evidence do they have to support their information?

If any of these criteria does not pan out cleanly, if they have any conflict in their relationships, past history or motives then you don’t use them or their information, no matter how bad you want to proceed against the target.

This is where many investigators go wrong; they want to conduct the investigation so badly that they overlook anything negative in the background and vetting of the informant.

Proceeding with a bad informant or bad information is never an option even when you are going against a legitimate criminal target, but to initiate an investigation based on bad information or a compromised target simply to start an investigation when you know the information is no good is criminal.

So, with this background on how real criminal investigation is supposed to start let’s look at the Mueller probe in that light.

1- There was no initial crime to investigate. Rumor or hunch is not enough to begin an investigation let alone obtain warrants and phone taps of citizens. Just because they thought Trump’s campaign colluded with Russian actors does not mean it actually happened.   

2- The motivation of the investigators (Not the rank and file FBI agents or the DOJ people, but the agency heads) were corrupt from the beginning. This fact has been shown from early on in the investigation from the set up for a Special Prosecutor to the never-ending use of process crimes to squeeze witnesses into testifying to obtain a pre-determined outcome, the arrest or impeachment of the duly elected president. 

3- The source of the information used as the basis of the investigation, the Steele Dossier, was obtained from a compromised source, the Clinton Campaign which bought it specifically to use it against Trump during the campaign. What makes this worse is that at the time Trump was a private citizen running for office. The investigators knew this information was no good but used it anyway.

4- The witnesses the Special Prosecutors Office is using are compromised because they are motivated to save their own skin. This is clearly obvious especially in the case of Attorney Cohen.

5- Some of the key investigators on the Special Prosecutors team not only knowingly proceeded with bad information, they have a personal bias against the target of the investigation.

6- The bad information, the Dossier, was used to obtain FISA warrants on 4 occasions. This is a corruption of the court system and an attack on every American. It is also unethical and illegal.

7- All of this activity was done in pursuit of a private American citizen, Donald Trump, and then the president of the United States, and it continues to this very day. In the face of what we know now and compared to what we know Hillary Clinton actually did and admitted to, to have those facts go unattended reveals the depth of this bastardized investigation and travesty of justice we are witnessing.

No real Criminal investigation would have been started under these circumstances. We will all suffer if this is not addressed appropriately. A criminal investigation is nothing to take lightly, it affects peoples lives. An improper investigation is a threat to freedom and liberty of every American and an abuse of power. Image: AP Images