In the 20th and 21st centuries, Arabs, Muslims and their apologists, have been concocting myths on an industrial scale, not only to defend their indefensible Cult Belief System called Islam, but also, to claim inventions, ideas, philosophies, scientific, legal, moral, social, economic, military and more, that they had actually Plagiarised, Pirated, Plundered and or Perverted from the very civilizations, cultures, religions, traditions and histories that they conquered, pillaged, occupied, enslaved and subjugated by force under Sharia on three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe.

To be fair to the current Arabs and Muslims, they are only doctrinally following in the footsteps and emulating the methodology of the mentor of Islam and Muslims, Muhammad bin abd Allah, who started these myths of Plagiarising, Pirating, Plundering and or Perverting, 1400 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula, that fill the pages of his Quran and Sunnah (traditions about the life of Muhammad).

The current Arabs and Muslims are doing so, at an accelerated pace, because with the internet, the amount of information available to any and all rational and inquisitive brains is mind boggling, that can be accessed at the click of a mouse, and they need to preempt finding the TRUTH that will eventually prevail and utterly discredit Muhammad as a prophet, and the alleged divine origin of his Quran.

As I have already proven – based entirely upon the Islamic sources and not an iota on my perceptions – on my numerous published articles, any fair minded and decent person, having read only eight (chapters 2 to 9) out of 114 chapters of Muhammad’s Quran, one can come only to the following conclusions:

That Sharia (the pillar of Islamic belief based upon Muhammad’s Quran and Sunnah) indoctrinates the followers of Muhammad to be: Hate mongering, Warmongering, Racist, Misogynist, Treacherous, Hypocritical, Duplicitous, Intolerant, Treasonous, Vile and hence totally unGodly.

Although the above statements will most definitely sound outrageous to Politically Correct, Quran ignorant dim wits, none the less, not only do I stand by them, but I also challenge any reader to refute a single one of my adjectives, not based on personal emotions, but only, on verifiable facts from the Islamic sources.

The first myth (these myths are actually blatant lies) was declared by Muhammad telling his Illiterate, Unlearned, Gullible and superstitious Pagan Arabs that he, Muhammad, was Rassool Allah; the Messenger of Allah.

The second but foremost myth of all, is Muhammad’s repeated assertions that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible.

It is of extreme importance to point out to our readers, that the whole structure of Islamic belief (Islam), stands or falls upon this myth, because when it is proven beyond a shadow or even a reasonable doubt, that Allah is most assuredly NOT the same as the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, then it becomes obvious, that no god called Allah and no angel called Jibril ever revealed a single letter, word, verse/aya or chapter/surah of Muhammad’s Quran, thus utterly discrediting Muhammad as a prophet and the alleged divine origin of his Quran.

At least 90% of humanity – including the majority of Muslims – have neither read, let alone studied, the history of Arabia and Arabs before Muhammad.

Based entirely upon the records available about Arabia before Islam, Allah was the name of the supreme god of a pantheon of 360 gods and goddesses in the pagan beliefs of Arabia centuries before Muhammad and his Quran.

Allah of pagan Arabia had three daughters: al Lat, al Uzza and al Manat that became world famous or infamous because of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses controversial book.

Let me repeat again, Allah was and is the name of a pagan god only and contrary to the lies by Muhammad and his followers, Allah does NOT mean God; the God of the Bible.

Almost every Quranic translation to the European languages, deliberately and falsely translates the name Allah mentioned in the Arabic verses of the Quran, to God, so that they subliminally associate in the minds of Arabic language ignorant people, that Allah and the God of the Bible are one and the same. Tragically, these lies have taken root in the minds of most Western theologians, politicians, media and academics including pope Francis.

The third myth, is that Muhammad was a prophet, in the footsteps of the Hebrew prophets of the Bible, yet nowhere in all of the Quran is there mention of a single prophecy made by Muhammad, that turned to be true.

The fourth myth is that the Christians and Jews Altered their books (Gospels and Hebrew Bible) to deprive Islam and Muslims of the actual superiority, eternity and truths of Muhammad’s Quran.

Every single Sharia compliant Muslim, irrespective of educational or intellectual background or level, truly believes this easily demonstrable nonsense, because if it were true that before or in the time of Muhammad, these books were tampered with, then it would have been inconceivable for Muhammad to tell his followers that if they were doubtful about his ‘revelations’, they should ask and consult the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) as witnesses to his claims.

The fifth myth is that Islam means Peace. A sickening and false statement that has been repeated (and continues to be repeated) endlessly since 9/11 – not only by Muslims who have an extremely good reason to do so, but by most of the totally Quran ignorant Western leaders at every level – who repeat this asinine mantra when in fact Islam means only Submission.

The sixth myth is invariably about Islam’s contributions to science, literature, philosophy, art, etc. It is an unchallenged fact, that the Arabian horde that preyed like a plague of locusts upon the unsuspecting enlightened nations on three continents, were illiterate, superstitious, gullible and uncivilised, hence, there was no chance in hell, they could have contributed anything whatsoever above and beyond slaughter, plunder, rapine, enslavement, and subjugation of the unsuspecting victim peoples.

The Arabs and their converts to Islam, pirated and plagiarised knowledge, traditions, beliefs and ideas from the conquered ancient civilizations of the Byzantines, Persians, Indians and Chinese, then added to some of them and later claimed them as their own, such as the concept of ZERO, Algebra, mathematics which was Indian; Astronomy Geometry and Philosophy from the Greeks; etc.

In fact, when one studies the back grounds of those ‘Muslims’ who contributed to humanity, not one of them was a Sharia compliant person. Most of them were considered not true Muslims in their life time or thereafter. These men, excelled in spite of Islamic Sharia, not because of it.

Those who need proof, let them name 10 Muslims – from among billions – who have contributed anything to the advancement and or betterment of humanity in any field of human intellect in the last 700 years when Islam was dominant. Only TEN. Cannot be done.

It is impossible for anything to grow in the abysmal darkness of Sharia, not even a blade of grass.

I can give you at least another 50 myths but these are enough from the olden days. I need to show you the modern ones, now.

The seventh myth is about how Western Imperialism, negatively impacted the Arabs and Muslims. From 635 AD when the Arabs started following Muhammad’s Total and Eternal War against Infidels/ Kuffar, untill the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI in 1919, the Arabs were under the boots of the Ottomans for nearly 400 years without once actually rising up against them.

It was the Western allies of America, France and Britain who literally liberated the Arabs from the yoke of the Turks. The Arabs bemoan the Sykes Picot agreement that created 22 Arab states (5,000,000 sq miles) that did not exist in history.

The same ungrateful Arabs, condemn the Balfour Declaration for the creation of a state for the Jews in their ancestral land; the Holy Land (8000 sq miles). The Holy Land that the Arabs occupied in 637 AD from the Christian Byzantine Empire.

These Western Imperialists brought to the Arabs the rule of Law, Schools, Education, Hospitals, Irrigation, Trains, Roads, Sanitation, Aviation and Oil that has been keeping them rich and powerful.

While Western Imperialism lasted no more than 100 years, Arab and Islamic Imperialism is continuing for 1400 years.

The eighth and current myth is about the newly concocted history of the ‘Palestinian people’. The most egregious myth in the 21st century is a continuation of the same started in the 20th century after 1964; the myth of the Palestinian People.

No Arab before 1964 ever identified himself as a Palestinian. All the Arabs of Mandated British Palestine identified themselves only as Arabs. That is why the UN refugees are called “Arab refugees from Palestine” and not Palestinian Refugees.

No human being can find a single reference in the 6000 years old records of history to a people called Palestinians or a state called Palestine. Yet, 90% of humanity truly believes this monstrous lie as true, including most of the leaders in the West who should know better.

These same mythical Palestinians, declare that not only is Jerusalem holy to them from time immemorial, but also the whole of the Holy Land; yet not a single rational being can find the name of Jerusalem mentioned anywhere in Muhammad’s Quran or Hadiths nor had Jerusalem ever been, the capital or centre of administration in 1400 years of Islam’s occupation of the Holy Land

All the above, repeated falsifications, contortions and perversions, of both facts and realities, are symptoms of an incredible Arab and Muslim Inferiority Complex that compliments their Projective Identification one whereby, the aggressor and or criminal blames its victims for what it is intending to do to them.

The ninth myth is about the Two States Solution. In 1947, the UN partitioned what was left of British Mandated Palestine between Arabs and Jews in resolution 181. The Jews accepted the indefensible territories allocated for them but, all the surrounding Arab states including the Arabs of the Palestine Mandate, declared publicly and in the UN, a war of extermination to eradicate the new UN member state of Israel, off the face of the Earth.

After almost a year, all six Arab armies were defeated and an Armistice came into effect in 1949 that has been violated continuously by the Arabs since then. Dear readers, had the Arabs accepted the UN resolution of 1947, there would have been no Arab refugees and no lost territory.

The so called Palestinians were very comfortable, unresponsive, and brain dead, while for 19 years before the Six Days War of 1967, the Egyptians occupied Gaza and the Jordanians the West Bank.

It was only after the Jews became the rulers of these same territories and took control of Jerusalem, that the Arabs of Palestine, who had been  completely comatose about their alleged nationality and heritage for 19 years, all of a sudden, declared their mythical nationhood adding an alleged ancient ancestry and traditions.

The Arabs yet again, refused to negotiate with Israel to make peace when in August of 1967 all the Arabs declared in Khartoum, Sudan: No Peace; No Recognition; No Negotiations.

For 72 years, the West and Israel have tried repeatedly to make peace with the mythical Palestinians but failed, because no one seems to understand that the Arab Israeli conflict has absolutely nothing to do with land but everything to do with the ‘religion’ of Muslims.

According to Sharia, anywhere Muslims set their foot, the land becomes entitled to Muslims for ever. This is why Arabs (99% Muslims) will not allow not only no Christian or Jewish state but also no other none Muslim state to exist amongst them such as a Christian Lebanon.

Since Donald J Trump – thinks invariably outside the box precisely because he is not a politician – came to this realisation, he fitted the contours of his ‘plan of the century’ to take these realities into account, knowing full well, that no matter what anyone offers, the Arabs will invariably refuse.

The utter insanity of the Arab leaders and especially the leaders of the mythical Palestinians is relentless and self-defeating because every time they refuse an offer, the following one is for even less. They prove the point of their utter stupidity:

“Repeating the same failed experiment, yet expecting a different result”