81%. Yes, that’s the statistic you need to know when it comes to politics and who to vote for. You can almost ignore the rest!

On average, 81% of the time, elected officials vote for bills that advance their political party platform. This means that the Republican and the Democrat Party platforms are the best indicators of what direction our country will proceed forward in. Never, in the history of America, have the two platforms been so diametrically opposed to one another. Every American should know the difference.

Join Terry in this two-part series as she discusses, compares and contrasts the two party platforms on the issues of 1) life, 2) Planned Parenthood, 3) sex education, 4) school choice, and 5) global warming/cooling/climate change.

The second part, she’ll look at 1) marriage, 2) medical research, 3) judges, and 4) religious liberty. 

If you value life, liberty, and freedom to pursue happiness, don’t miss Terry’s analysis. The future of America rests in understanding the significance of the 81% statistic and how it affects you.

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