The New York Times published an op-ed by an anonymous source that claims to be a part of the Trump team working in the White House. This person claims they are part of the resistance and acting on behalf of the country to thwart parts of the President’s agenda.

That is outrageous, but let’s look deeper. Bob Woodward says in his new book, there are staff members that take things, (like legislation) off the President’s desk to keep him from acting on certain things they don’t think are good for the country.

Does this make anyone else nervous? Who is taking things off the President’s desk and thwarting his agenda, that’s a fifth column inside the White House, that’s treasonous behavior and if more than one person is involved – that is a conspiracy!

In my previous column I talked about my belief that the second America Civil War had already begun, this is proof! Where is the DOJ now? We have people in the White House manipulating information and paperwork of the President of the United States, interfering with the working of our government and potentially creating a very dangerous situation.

What if that anonymous person doesn’t want the president to respond to a threat, or doesn’t want the president to engage in a particular event? They hide the information, they decide? 

This calls for immediate investigation. We’re not talking about some low level aid in a perfunctory job somewhere in D.C., this is a person who claims to be a high level operative that has this kind of access. This must be rooted out immediately!

Conspirators and conspiracies start small, usually with an idea or a thought and then they grow. Here we have these self-appointed saviors of America acting secretly to subvert the office of the president, and everyone is ho-hum another day of Trump trouble. This is our trouble, this is unprecedented, this in dangerous and one step closer to the hot Civil War. 

The anonymous source must be identified as well as all the other co-conspirators and removed immediately, today.

If the NY times knows who the person is, and they don’t come forward then the DOJ should issue subpoenas and search warrants and find out who this person is and uncover the treason before it goes too far.

These are strong sentiments, but where have we gone as a county? It’s one thing for citizens to “resist” policy they don’t like, but a member of the actual government, on the President’s team!

If you talk to a Russian – they want to imprison you forever, here we have actual infiltration and not a sound other than cackling about the “Chaos, in-fighting and disfunction in the White House”. 

We are not in a good place, we better think this out very carefully…..and act!