Two years ago, with the Democrat coup against president Trump under way, I knew there had to be a change in what I was doing. And felt motivated to provide information that could help deal with the Democrat coup if possible. For a long time my job has been designing water pipes for use in very cold weather. But now I was motivated to make a difference through the art of video production. LINK TO THE VIDEO ABOVE

So I spent a lot of time and effort writing two books. These exposed astonishing destructive activities by Obama administration former officials in the coup against President Trump. I thought they might be a big success in both helping the president and in my new career. The books got some great reviews and one is used by a congressional committee. Link to the Book: CHINA PANDEMIC VIRUS: SIMPLE NON-MEDICAL STEPS FOR FAMILIES AND COUNTRIES TO DEFEAT IT

This first video on the America Out Loud video blog series, which you see here, covers the activities of President Trump putting the pedal to the metal on 3M and on their responsibility for a shortage of protective medical face masks in the US. The president did a great job and the video shows it.