One of the baseless accusations you often hear on the Left is that conservatives are misogynistic and that our values and ideas are somehow oppressive toward women.

“Trump’s America is basically the Handmaid’s Tale!” Leftists shriek. (For those of you fortunate enough to not know what the Handmaid’s Tale is, it’s a dystopian novel about women being enslaved and forced to bear children. Yes, radical Leftists really seem to believe we’re living in a misogynistic dystopia.)

This narrative is, of course, ridiculous. First, women have greatly benefited from the thriving economy under the Trump administration, filling 58% of the new jobs created in the last year. And today, more women are serving in congress than ever before.

Both the Left and Right ought to celebrate the incredible success, opportunities, and influence that women enjoy in “Trump’s America.”

We all agree that a woman’s input and unique perspective are invaluable in the workplace, in government, and in entertainment. But while the Left pays lip service to these shared values that women ought to be cherished and empowered, unlike conservatives, they are inconsistent in their beliefs.

Indeed, Leftists are the actual misogynists. I will give you three examples to demonstrate this assertion:

1. Leftist support for murdering pre-born girls via abortion

Nothing says you hate women more than supporting the “right” to murder them. But this is exactly what pro-abortion Leftists fiercely endorse and fight for. This is an extremely misogynistic position.

Leftists cannot claim to fight for the rights of women as they actively fight against the rights of some women—namely, the rights of baby girls inside of the womb.

It’s all or nothing. Either you want all women to be protected and given every opportunity to have success, or you don’t. If you don’t support the rights of women in the womb, you don’t support women’s rights.

2. Leftist support for gay adoption

It never used to be controversial to state the incredibly obvious fact that the best situation for a child is to grow up with both a loving father and mother. This still isn’t controversial among normal people with commonsense. But don’t say this around a radical Leftist or they will explode in outrage and probably unfriend you on Facebook.

The problem with the Left’s position here is that it is misogynistic. How? Because it necessarily entails that mothers are worthless and can easily be replaced by men. According to the Left, a woman’s talents and unique perspective are invaluable except when it comes to raising children.

Before I’m accused of being a homophobic bigot, let me be clear that I’m not knocking gay men here. My argument is simply that a mother fulfills a vital role in a child’s life that cannot be fulfilled by a man, and all intellectually honest people acknowledge this basic fact.

A child growing up in a whole family with both a father and mother is the ideal situation for a child. That doesn’t mean that children in less-than-ideal situations cannot grow up and be happy and thrive. But that would be in spite of their disadvantage of not having both a father and mother, not because of it.

We as a society should foster whole and stable homes and strive to give children the best advantages in life. That includes striving for the ideal parental situation—a loving father and mother—for their growth and development. The Left thinks mothers aren’t that important and can be done away with.

3. Leftist support for radical “transgender” policies

Second only to supporting the “right” to murder women via abortion, nothing else says you hate women more than the idea that a man can appropriate womanhood for himself.

According to Leftists, the female gender is not unique and special. Indeed, womanhood can be reduced to dresses, make-up, and surgically implanted breasts.

The Left hates women so much that they support the right of delusional men to invade all of their private spaces, like locker rooms, and undress in front of them. If a woman feels unsafe, uncomfortable, or violated by this, the Left commands that she shut up and take it. Her safety and comfort is overridden by a man’s desire to invade her space.

Let’s also not forget the Left’s insane endorsement of biological men competing (and dominating) in women’s sports as “transgender women.” Allowing this, of course, is completely unfair to women and puts them at an extreme disadvantage. But the Left doesn’t care about those women. To Leftists, the feelings and desires of delusional men are more important than giving women the opportunity to succeed in sports.

I could list several more, but any one of these reasons should be enough to demonstrate the Left’s extreme misogyny. If you love women and want them to thrive and have every opportunity for success, become a conservative. That’s what we’re pushing for.