3 Unique Stories That Celebrate Law Enforcement

Even as “social justice” groups and “activists” continually protest and criticize Law Enforcement and mainstream media using biased reporting of police incidents to perpetuate a false narrative, there are many people in our nation who are standing tall for the American Law Enforcement Officer. This week Host Randy Sutton dedicates this episode to them and interviews three people who are taking a stand to honor those who serve.

Ellen Rodrigues’ company POLICE PRIORITY is lending, free of charge” high tech video surveillance equipment to law enforcement agencies and selling Thin Blue Line flags to raise money for Randy Sutton’s joint project with The Embracing Project to feed those in need at Thanksgiving.

Sean Matson, a former Navy Seal and the founder of Strikeforce Energy appeared on FOX & FRIENDS earlier this week with Randy Sutton where he announced that his company was going to give partial proceeds of sales of his amazing energy drink to BLUE LIVES MATTER.

Retired Police Officer Laura Tartaglione founded HONORBANDS a non-profit that supplies personalized mourning bands to police agencies when an officer is killed. Amazing people showing their support for law enforcement.

For Further Insight:
Website for Ellen is www.policepriority.com
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Website for Sean, www.strikeforceenergy.com
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Website for Laura, www.honorbands.net
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