Will America always be the land of the free? How do we insure that America stays free for future generations? Our panel discussion takes on the three key points to FREEDOM IN AMERICA:


I ask you to take the next hour and let your mind wander as we explore three KEY areas of FREEDOM IN AMERICA. In the first part of the show ask yourself this question: Will America always be the land of the free and the home of the brave? The second part of the show focuses in on the responsibility of voting and our involvement in politics and why it matters. In the final chapter we’ll explore the U.S. Constitution.

“Without the brave efforts of all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and their families, this Nation, along with our allies around the world, would not stand so boldly, shine so brightly and live so freely.” Lane Evans

Brent South, United States Army, 1st Ranger Battalion. One of 13 to receive a Combat Infantryman’s Badge for Desert Storm. Brent was “that guy” in the military, the one in the right place at the right time for many once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences. Awarded the Order of St Michael, ARCOM with “V” device, and 2 Air Medals, and a host of other achievements.

Pastor Jim Harris leads the church service every Sunday and for the last 25 years at Riverview Heights Baptist Church. He serves as Vice President of Blessed Hope Foundation.  A non-profit dedicated to producing biblical materials, books and cd’s. Pastor Harris educates Americans on the U.S. Constitution with a special lecture entitled ‘An Evening With The Founders’.

3 Keys to Freedom in America 2