When you consider all that Israel has had to endure throughout it's history – there is only one conclusion – this is God's favor, this is God's choice, these are God's people. We are all God's people truly – but this jewish state is a miracle in-of-itself.

Our dear colleague and friend IQ al Rassooli journeyed from Europe to Israel this past month – and what a journey he had. He was moved and inspired from this oasis of hope, truth and faith – in the midst of such worldly chaos. IQ encountered people filled with a zest for life, inventive, creative, cultural, democratic, tolerant, and artistic – the Israeli people thrive in one of the most unique environments on earth, he suggested.

He started with three cab rides, one with a Jewish cabbie, a Christian one, and a Muslim cabbie. Each cabbie delivered him to their favorite spots.
“You can't believe you're in Asia, you can't believe you're in the Middle East. You are in a western country.” IQ al Rassooli
“While Europe is dying, Israel is blooming,” he stated. Listen in to our talk radio discussion on the land known as ISRAEL.