Choosing to Consciously Feed the Field 1

As America moves into the 21st Century we face new emerging threats where we, as a nation, must recognize and adapt to. Trans-national states such as ISIS and new paradigms such as cyber hacking pose real threats to the US and to the world as a whole. OPSEC Radio host Jamie Williamson, a retired Special Forces Colonel, and cohost Brian Gould, a former Special Forces Master Sergeant, hold a thought provoking discussion on many of the issues that affect the national security to the United States.

In this segment they discuss a wide variety of topics from the recent presidential debates and the candidates, the impact of campaign financing, to emergent 21st century security threats and issues. Get the real story from two national security experts as they discuss how to Keep America Safe.

Jamie Williamson, OPSEC Cofounder & President: Jamie is a retired Army Special Forces colonel with over 33 years of service. He is a combat veteran and has served in Iraq, the Balkans, and Afghanistan with various command and staff assignments in the infantry and in Special Operations. He is currently a small business owner.

Brian Gould, Retired Master Sergeant Special Forces: Brian Gould is a retired Special Forces Master Sergeant with over 20 years of service. MSG Gould served in the Infantry and then the US Special Forces to include the Commanders In-Extremist Force in Europe. During his military career, MSG Gould was engaged in the Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and African theaters as part of U.S. ongoing missions and military operations.

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