21st Century Foreign Policy And Defense

As America continues into the 21st century under the new presidential leadership of Donald J. Trump, his tenure ushers in a renewed hope for America, even though there is not a very bright picture ahead for foreign policy. Diplomats have their work cut out for them as they present our olive branch of peace and goodwill all around the world under his leadership.

Looking back 100 years ago, America eventually entered into WWI during 1917 to help other nations defeat Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire though all we wanted was to be left alone as isolationists. Then decades later while the world enjoyed relative peace, WWII happened and once again we hedged to stay out of it until Japan struck Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands during an early morning raid. Once again America was thrust into war and faced not only Germany but Italy and Japan, for the world was the prize. The United States and its allies prevailed by the skin of their teeth and what it took was every American and many more citizens around the globe at some level to support or directly fight in the war effort. Millions died all over the world and today we can thank almighty God we prevailed.

Today however, America faces an entirely different kind of threat, the spread of Islam which has no clearly defined front, because the front is everywhere.

Europe has allowed a migration of people into their lands of a very dangerous sort; millions of Islamic migrants that are rough and ready, head strong and hell bent on domination of all other cultures, it’s not just their nature it is their written mandate for the world to conquer nations. The native populations in those countries that accepted them were already made weak spirted by their very own educational systems, they easily accepted them in and were not prepared for the hell on earth that had come their way via migration of millions. Murder, gangs, terrorism, pedophilia and rape dot the landscapes all across mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, while all governments do to combat it is basically look the other way; for this time the enemy was invited in.

The European continent and the U.K. are falling bit by bit to the migrants and their ideology of domination. In time high Muslim birthrates will sweep to power through the vote. France and the U.K. both have their own nuclear weapon stockpiles and knowing the crazed ideology of Islam they will not be afraid to use them once complete power has been achieved. It’s as simple as mathematics that one day America will face a terror unleashed.

Muslim Birthrate in France

America has its own influx of Muslims, invited in and what we got out of a supposed gesture of goodwill has brought us nothing but a high price tag in dollars and a death toll through terrorism just like Europe. Toss in millions of illegal aliens that crossed our southern border and we have a caustic mix of our own troubles that we may never be able to overcome unless we act very soon through deportation of millions. This is no time to fall for political correctness, our very survival as a nation is in grave danger from within.

As to our military forces we have the best technology and equipment available in the world, though presently, a massive military rebuild and replenishment in basic equipment and parts along with new and better weapon systems are sorely needed.

The teardown of our nation’s military began nearly 5 years ago through sequestration by the past president, which has been staggering and on a scale not seen since the early 1900’s. Based on what we surely face in the coming years abroad we must with great haste modernize and rebuild our military once again, only this time we can ill afford a tear down ever again, lest we cut our own throats in the process.

The men and women of our armed forces are some of the bravest in the world. They come from a long line of courageous American patriots and are the front lines of America’s defense and they are our most precious asset. They are the sons and daughters, husbands and wives that stepped forward with a deep and abiding love for their nation, pledging their very lives in her defense. They provide the blanket of freedom that so many Americans take for granted today with not so much as a thought to them by our citizens as a whole.

We should always remember before one drop of American blood is ever spilled in a foreign theater of operations again that our elected leadership should think strategically, not once, but many times over before employing them in harm’s way on a “fool’s errand”. And once deployed be swift to destroy the enemy with no mercy so as to end it as quickly as possible to save lives. Prolonging engagements once engaged only leads to a higher death toll.

In our past and present conflicts abroad, America didn’t need to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan with thousands of boots on the ground in the first place. All we really did was swap Muslim leadership; which in the scheme of things didn’t make America safer at all. It cost America its sons and daughters dearly through blood and death while an estimated 22 Veterans each and every day commit suicide. After 9/11 it would have been smarter to have stayed on track with special operation forces, while going after terrorists that have attacked American civilians or our military units. There is an old saying if we can learn from it, “hindsight is 2020”.

Finally, when it comes to overall foreign policy for the United States in the 21st century, the pickings of who the United States would call an ally may well shrink dramatically over the decades to come, especially European nations that may well collapse under the weight of an Islamic leadership. And possibly to the point where we may find ourselves, for the most part, as an isolationist nation because in the end it is our own self-preservation that has the highest priority first and foremost above all else in the world.

“Evil never does a rollback, always pushing forward 24 hours per day 365 days a year. The United States of America should never rollback, always pursuing diplomatic solutions and be at the highest levels of readiness militarily, to defeat the enemy in all corners of the globe swiftly and at full might.”

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