2022 Utopia Gun Ban – It’s 2022 a new Liberal Utopia – the Left won in 2020, took over Congress – all guns have been banned, and collected in door to door searches. Latest news report on CNN and MSNBC. “The latest of too many schools shootings has spiked the interest of Congress and President Biden and Vice President Warren, once again this violence rocks the nation, the question is for how many days. While this may seem a callous assessment it has been the pattern of this administration. Question is will this renewed urgency for action fade away or will Congress and the President act?” What happens next? Dave Smith aka “JD Buck Savage” and Sgt. Betsy Smith join us for a most interesting discussion on the new Utopia.

Congress New Role is Investigative Reporters – Has Congress traded their primary responsibility of legislation to that of investigative reporter, has any one of the recent investigations yielded any results or just six o’clock news headlines that fade away in a few days? We will explore a few of the most recent investigations, along with the Democrat Memo. George McClellan and Ilana Freedman are here with the latest.

School Security TOWN-HALL – Violence in Our Schools – are there solutions? “With freedom goes responsibility. Sir Winston Churchill once said you can have 10,000 regulations and still not have respect for the law. We might start with the Ten Commandments. If we lived by the Golden Rule, there  would be no need for other laws”  Ronald Reagan, 1973 while Governor of California. How did we arrive at this moment in America? Make schools into secure fortresses, walls, fences, scanners, locked down? Do nothing and accept this as the new normal? An eye-opening town-hall panel discussion with Lt Randy Sutton, Dennis Santiago, Lt Joseph Pangaro and Ava Armstrong.


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